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Iran News in Brief – February 1, 2021

The unbridled rise in the prices of essential goods makes the Iranian people blame officials for failing to control fruit prices.
The unbridled rise in the prices of essential goods makes the Iranian people blame officials for failing to control fruit prices.



Live stream on February 4 – A First by A European Court: Iran Regime Diplomat-terrorist, Conviction of 3 Intelligence Agents

Time for Accountability & Firm Iran Policy

A father has put up an ad to sell his heart

Listen to the conversation between the father & a man who can’t believe he would sell his heart from poverty.

A 14-year-old labor child, hanged himself on Sunday

Mohammad, a 14-year-old labor child, hanged himself on Sunday morning at his father’s house in Mahshahr, southwest Iran.

His friend said Mohammad was forced to quit the school last year due to his family’s financial problems, and because he had to work as the breadwinner of his family.

Mohammad worked as a peddler, and recently began to sell purified water on a bicycle provided by his relatives, but due to the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, no one wanted to buy water from a little peddler.

Mohammad lived with his elderly parents in a poor area in the old part of central Mahshahr. He hanged himself last morning.

فیلمی از محمد کودک کار ۱۴ ساله که بر اثر فقر و تنگدستی، امروز در ماهشهر دست به خودکشی زد

Iran’s Minister of Health slams Russian vaccine critics, calls them “evil, traitors”

Iran: Regime officials contradictory remarks show they have no intention to control coronavirus
Hassan Rouhani (Right)and His Health Minister, Saeed Namaki

Iran’s Minister of Health Saeed Namaki yesterday called critics of the Russian vaccine “evil” and accused them of “betrayal” after widespread criticism over Iran’s decision to use the vaccine for COVID-19 vaccination.

“Do not portray those who serve the people as traitors in people’s minds. I swear this is injustice, this is national betrayal in the most difficult of times,” Namaki said during a meeting of the National Coronavirus Combat Taskforce.

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Iran: Q&A with Ali Safavi on the Feb 4 court ruling of Iranian regime’s terrorist diplomat in Belgium

Silence About Iranian Political Prisoners’ Conditions Is Unacceptable

Iran’s prison and judicial system are fraught with injustice and cruelty, and long prison sentences have been consistently handed out to all political prisoners, including those in contact with the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Soheil Arabi, an Iranian political prisoner, was arrested in 2013 by Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and has now finished serving his original sentence. However, he, along with many other political prisoners, is being forced to remain in prison as the regime’s Judiciary has extended his sentence.

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Iran: A porter was shot and killed by security forces


Iran: Coronavirus Fatalities in 478 Cities Exceed 209,200

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced this afternoon, Sunday, January 31, 2021, that the Coronavirus fatalities in 478 cities across Iran had exceeded 209,200. The number of victims in Tehran is 50,546, Khorasan Razavi 14,115, Isfahan 13,290, Mazandaran 8,542, Lorestan 8,503, West Azerbaijan 7,703, Gilan 7,471, Golestan 5,355, Alborz 5,353, Kurdistan 3,597, Hormozgan 2,205, Ilam 2,161, Bushehr 2,104, and South Khorasan 1,991.

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What about trial of a top Iran regime’s “diplomat” in Belgium on terrorism charges?

The evil precedents of Iran’s Khomeini

Khomeini's Legacy Is a Broken Iran Only Regime Change Can Fix

The founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, has set many cruel precedents in Iran. Many of his so-called teachings are still being carried out today and according to one scholar, staying faithful to Khomeini’s ideology has been the litmus test for all political activity in Iran in the last 40 years.

Therefore, despite dying only ten years after the founding of his tyrannical regime, one can draw the conclusion that the 40 years of death, destruction and corruption are his legacy.

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Members of the Jamaran Cooperation who invested in homeownership, protested today

Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Three Rallies and Strikes on January 30

On Saturday, January 30, Iranian citizens from different walks of life continued their protests against the regime and its plundering and profiteering policies. In this context, the Iranian people held at least three rallies and strikes in three provinces.

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Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Three Rallies and Strikes on January 30

Iran news in brief, February 1, 2021

Iran news in brief, February 1, 2021

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