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Iran News in Brief – July 22, 2022



Locals in Northeast Iran Block the Road as A Sign of Protest

بستن جاده سبزوار دولت آباد توسط اهالی روستا

On Thursday, July 21, according to local sources, the road from Sabzevar to Dowlatabad was blocked by the villagers. The locals have been requesting officials to improve the condition of the road and prevent more accidents to occur, but so far, state officials have refused to respond with anything but inaction.

Increase of Coronavirus Contracting in Iran by 6-fold

On July 22, the state-run website Entekhab quoted Hamid Reza Jamaati, secretary of the national scientific committee as reporting a 6-fold increase in contracting the Coronavirus in Iran.

“The number of patients suffering from Covid-19 in the country has almost doubled compared to the previous week and it has increased by 6 times compared to several weeks ago,” Jamaati said. “Due to the fact that the number of hospitalized cases has also increased by more than 1.6 times, as a result, the number of daily deaths has also reached double digits, and it is expected that this trend will continue to rise for the next three weeks.”


Maryam Rajavi: To the Great Mossadeq, We Say, the Iranian Nation Is Determined and Steadfast in Its Struggle for Freedom

As Dr. Mossadeq said on the first anniversary of that great uprising, “July 21 is unforgettable in the history of the Iranian people’s ongoing struggles. Because on that day, all Iranians, of all classes and posts, acted in unison and did not rest until they achieved their objective.”

We salute the martyrs of the national uprising of July 21, 1952, and join the great Mossadeq, in “offering our deep respect and honor” to the memory of those fallen in the path of freedom and liberty. Indeed, paving the path to freedom and independence is only possible through the great sacrifice of the nation’s best children and the suffering endured by the pioneers of this path.

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Belgian Gov’s Deal With Iran Paves Path for Mullahs’ Terrorism, Hostage-taking

The Belgian Parliament passed a controversial prisoner swap deal with the Iranian regime, a shameful agreement that can render the release of Assadollah Assadi, Tehran’s convicted diplomat-terrorist who has been sentenced to 20 years in jail over plotting to bomb the 2018 “Free Iran” gathering in support of Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

“The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the endorsement of the shameful deal with the clerical regime and considers it the highest incentive for the religious fascism ruling Iran to step up terrorism and to use hostage-taking as much as possible for the release of its arrested terrorists and agents.

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The Free Iran World Summit Is a Global Call To Stand With the Iranian People

The Iranian Resistance will hold its annual Free Iran gathering on July 23-24. More than a thousand political figures, including hundreds of lawmakers from six continents, dozens of former presidents and prime ministers, dozens of former senior US officials, two former NATO commanders, and a large number of former ministers from Europe and the US will attend in this summit.

This gathering comes at a time when Iran is at a critical juncture. Since Ebrahim Raisi was appointed as president in August 2021, Iran’s regime has aggravated its provocative actions against the world community.

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Kurdish Woman, Mother of 3 Girls, Killed by Husband for Not Delivering a Son

A Kurdish woman, a mother of three girls, was viciously murdered by her husband for not giving birth to a boy. Her husband committed this tragedy on July 10, 2022, but the news started circulating among Kurdish media with eight days delay. The Kurdish woman, Goljamin Najafi, 46, lived in the Gahwareh district of Dalahu County, in Kermanshah Province, western Iran.

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Belgian PM Pushes Parliament To Succumb to Tehran’s Terrorism

In an abnormal attempt to curtail the threats posed by the world’s foremost state-sponsor of terrorism, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has pushed the Chamber of Representatives to vote for the freeing of convicted Iranian terrorist Assadollah Assadi. Finally, under pressure from the government, the parliament approved the bill on July 20, 2022. On February 4, 2021, a court in Antwerp sentenced Assadi to 20 years in prison for orchestrating a foiled bomb attempt against the Iranian opposition gathering in a suburb of Paris in June 2018.

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Ahwazi Arab Political Prisoner Denied Medical Treatment

Yunes Al-Sarakhi, a poet and political prisoner in Shiban prison in Ahvaz is in serious health condition after a year of imprisonment. Still, the prison authorities have denied him medical treatment.

He has breathing problems and pain in his ribs and chest however prison authorities have denied him medical leave and access to medical treatment.

Prisoners in Ward 5 of Shiban Prison protested the authorities’ denial of treatment for Yunes Al-Sarkhi and clashed with officers on Tuesday.

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Our Time to Act Is Now! Sign Up for the Free Iran World Summit 2022 and Be an Advocate for Change!

Save the date for the Free Iran World Summit 2022, July 23-24, 2022, when inspirational leaders will unite with supporters around the world in the fight for freedom and equality.

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