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Iran News in Brief – June 7, 2021

Iran News in Brief – June 07, 2021



Rallies and Protests on Monday

Several reports from inside Iran indicate that teachers in Izeh have rallied in front of the governor’s office in Ahvaz, the province’s capital to protest for their rights. Also on Monday, workers of the Kut Abdollah Municipality gathered today outside the Karoun Court to demand the release of their colleagues who were detained for protesting their rights and demanding their unpaid wages.

In Tehran, cryptocurrency owners who fell victim to systemic fraud, rallied in front of the Special Court for Economic Crimes protesting the Cryptoland Institution’s fraud and impunity. In South Iran, Haft Tappeh sugarcane factory workers gathered outside the Governor’s Office to express their anger and frustration.


Coronavirus Takes Away the Lives of 306,200 in Iran


The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Saturday, June 5, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 543 cities across Iran had passed 306,200. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 71,766, Isfahan 20,480, Khuzestan 19,129, Khorasan Razavi 18,605, East Azerbaijan 12,558, West Azerbaijan 11,548, Fars 10,197, Qom 9,690, Alborz 8,663, Province 6,368, Kurdistan 5,242, Yazd 5,132, Central North Khorasan 4,393, Hormozgan 3,870, Bushehr 3,209, Ilam 3,206, and South Khorasan 2,831.

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Audiotape: Ebrahim Raisi Insisted on Hanging 200 More Inmates


In August 2016, the son of Hossein Ali Montazeri, former deputy to the Islamic Republic founder Ruhollah Khomeini, leaked an audiotape dated 1988 about the late Montazeri’s meeting with several ‘jurists,’ including, Hossein-Ali Nayyeri, Head of Tehran’s Islamic Revolutionary Courts; Morteza Eshraghi, Tehran Prosecutor; Ebrahim Raisi, Deputy Tehran Prosecutor; and Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, the representative of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

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Iran: Families of Regime Victims Call for Election Boycott

Families of innocent people killed or executed by the Iranian regime call for a total boycott of the upcoming sham election

In the past few years, the Iranian regime has faced several rounds of widespread nationwide protests and it has only managed to maintain its hold on power through brutal repression, gunning down protesters in the streets, carrying out public and secret hangings, arresting and torturing protesters, and cracking down on any form of activity that criticizes the repressive and corrupt rule of the mullahs.

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Iran Parliament Works on Law to Jail People Who Film HR Violation, Explosions


Iran’s parliament is working on a new plan to sentence to prison people who film the regime’s human rights violations, explosions or other incidents in the country. According to the first article of the plan to “increase the punishment of collaborators with the actions of hostile countries against national security and national interests”, espionage or cooperation with enemy states including the United States against national security and national interests is “corruption on earth” and is punishable by death.

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Oil-rich district in South Iran facing water shortage


An official said yesterday that 34 villages are facing water problems in the oil-rich Arvand Kenar District in Khuzestan province, southern Iran. According to the state-run IRNA News Agency, Sadegh Jalali, Head of Arvand Kenar District, said the lack of water and drop in water pressure in hot weather is due to the deterioration and breakage of the water infrastructure network.

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Iran News in Brief, June 7, 2021

Iran news in brief, June 7, 2021

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