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Iran News in Brief – May 19, 2021

Teachers protest in Tehran, in front of the Majlis (parliament)



Iran Is Heading Towards a Very Hot Summer

As time passes by, working and living conditions for the majority of Iranians are deteriorating. On Wednesday, different cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Arak, Menujan, and Kerman witnessed several rallies and protests against systemic injustice and corruption in the country. Protests and rallies are becoming the new face of Iranian cities and as the regime fails to live up to its obligations, there is no end in sight for the demonstrations that alternatingly keep expanding in terms of quantity, depth, and radicalization.


Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll in 541 Cities Exceeds 292,100

Infographic-PMOI-MEK-18052021 (1)
The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 541 cities across Iran exceeded 292,100. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 67,996, Isfahan 19,375, Khuzestan 18,099, Khorasan Razavi 17,860, East Azerbaijan 11,943, Lorestan 11,840, West Azerbaijan 10,908, Gilan 9,916, Fars 9,547, Alborz 8,068, Sistan and Baluchestan 6,686, Kerman 6,548, Central Province 6,088, Kermanshah 5,774, Khorasan North 4,263, Hormozgan 3,430, and South Khorasan 2,746.

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Maryam Rajavi: Clearly, so long as the clerical regime has not been overthrown, it will not abandon repression, religious discrimination, and misogyny. It will not abandon its meddling and crimes in Middle East countries because it relies on these policies for its survival. 


Editorial: Iran Sham Election: A Band Of Mass Murderers, War Criminals, Thieves, And Thugs

Raisi and Larijani 2
Genuine choice and constructive instruments for collective decision-making underpin democratic and fair elections. They are thus the most apparent ensign of a political system’s legitimacy. In Iran, however, both genuine choice and instruments through which the public becomes tangibly visible are out of reach, which explains why the Iranian people reject the political system as entirely illegitimate.
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Iran: Teachers, Workers Protest in Several Cities


On Tuesday, “green report card” teachers from various cities gathered in front of the Majlis (parliament) in Tehran to reiterate their demands from the government. “Green report card” teachers are people who have taken and passed the employment exam of the education ministry, which is known as the “article 28 exam.” But the government has given no plans to employ these teachers. The teachers have been gathering regularly in the past weeks, asking the government to fulfill its pledges. According to the protesters, there are 23,000 employment opportunities in the government. The government claims that it is facing budget and resource shortages to hire teachers.

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Behind The Headlines

Breifing by Alireza Jafarzadeh
Iran’s Sham Presidential Elections in June: Nothing can get the people back to the ballot box. They have already spoken during uprisings since 2018 that My vote is Regime Change. Ignore Tehran’s lies and watch for the election boycott.

Iran: Corruption, Bad Governance, and Deceitful Policies


A look at the assessments of Iranian government experts shows that the economy is in a dire situation. In May 2020, the Economic Affairs research Institute wrote: “A review of data and statistics from various institutions shows that Iran is not in a good position in terms of governance. This is evident in all the indicators that are built around the category of governance. Iran’s best ranking in 2018 is related to ‘government effectiveness,’ in which it is ranked 131st among 209 countries. But in other indicators, it is among the last 50 countries among more than 200 countries. The country’s position among the countries in the region (25 countries) is not very suitable, so that in all indicators except the government effectiveness index, it is one of the last 10 countries. In addition to the World Bank, other international institutions have confirmed that Iran is not in a good position in terms of good governance.”

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Iran news in brief, May 19, 2021

Iran news in brief, May 19, 2021

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