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Iran News in Brief – November 23, 2022



Iran Uprising at a Glance – Day 69

Based partially on reporting by PMOI (MEK) Network in Iran

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 – 7 PM GMT+1

  • Days: 69
  • Protests: 249 cities
  • Fatalities: 640+ estimated deaths, 516 identified by MEK
  • Detentions: 30,000+

As university and school protests as well as bazaar strikes continued in Iran, and as nightly protests in dozens of neighborhoods are expected again, there is talk of a protest mobilization in support of the people of Kurdistan during the next three days on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. According to reports from Tehran, there were protests in at least 11 different locations in the capital Tehran, including in the Moshiriyeh district, as well in Zahedan, and Qom. Throughout Wednesday, Tehran’s bazaar was the scene of a continuing strike and protests.

A new feature of the uprising is an escalation in Molotov Cocktail attacks on regime centers of suppression in major cities such as Mashhad, Hamedan, Tehran, Qom, among others. The centers targeted are used to concentrate regime forces and launch attacks on protesters and are used as logistics bases and sometimes as temporary detention centers by security forces.

On Wednesday morning, merchants and storeowners in many cities continued their general strike. Strikes were reported in the cities of Javanrud, Piranshahr, Bukan, Kamyaran, Urmia, Saqqez, Oshnavieh, and Salas-e Babajani, among others. Professors and students at Kurdistan University continued their boycott of classes today and condemned the regime’s lethal crackdown against Kurdish cities.

In similar protests, workers of the South Aluminum Corporation in the city of Lamerd in south-central Iran also went on strike today. In Qazvin, workers of the Bahman Diesel Company went on strike on Wednesday.

Students of Amir Kabir University in Tehran boycotted their classes and protested the arrest of a large number of their classmates by the authorities. Also in the country’s capital, students of the Pars Higher Education Institute of Art and Architecture continued the nationwide protests. Students of Tehran’s Allameh Tabataba’i University were also seen holding an anti-regime gathering and chanting “Poverty! Corruption! Injustice! Down with this tyranny!”

In Mashhad, people attending the funeral of Javad Asadzadeh, a local killed recently by the regime’s security forces, began chanting anti-regime slogans.

At the same time, in a sharp escalation of suppression, the regime formally deployed uniformed military units to various cities and regions in Western Azerbaijan and Kurdistan provinces. Members of the regime’s parliament (Mohammad Esmail Kowsari, former commander of the IRGC’s Sarallah Headquarters tasked with the capital’s security and MP from Tehran) also confirmed the dispatch of IRGC Ground Forces to Kurdish areas to crack down on protesters.

Other reports indicate that IRGC ground forces have closed a major transit route to Iraq at the Haj Omran Border Crossing. They also stationed heavy weapons and a significant number of troops, and are preparing for ground operations inside Iraqi Kurdistan, in yet another foreign adventure aimed at diverting attention from the uprising raging in Iran.


Iran’s Regime Resorts To Massive Crackdown and Internet Disruptions

The nationwide uprising in Iran is entering a new phase as the regime has been launching lethal crackdown measures in Kurdish cities and resorting to severe internet disruptions to cloak its crimes against humanity. Monday was a day of horrific atrocities by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the regime’s other security forces opening fire and using heavy, high-caliber machine guns against defenseless people in the cities of Javanrud and Piranshahr leaving dozens killed and injured.

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Critical Situation in Iran – Statement of the Un Human Rights Chief

UN Human Rights Chief Volker Türk says the rising number of deaths from protests in Iran, including those of two children at the weekend, and the hardening of the response by security forces, underline the critical situation in the country.

We urge the authorities to address people’s demands for equality, dignity, and rights – instead of using unnecessary or disproportionate force to suppress the protests. The lack of accountability for gross human rights violations in Iran remains persistent and is contributing to the growing grievances.

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World Appeases Mullahs, Iranians Are Gunned Down – Day 68 of Revolution

On Tuesday, November 22, 2022, the people of Iran continued the anti-theocratic revolution for the 68th day in at least 34 cities. Iranians’ movement for overthrowing the regime continues while the international community’s weak approach emboldens the regime to intensify oppressive and aggressive policies. In addition to the use of heavy weaponry against protesters in Kurdish cities, the regime began enriching uranium to up to 60 percent purity in at least two plants. Citizens continued protests in Tehran, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Hamedan, Qazvin, Piranshahr, Javanrud, Saqqez, Sanandaj, Sisaght, Mahabad, Ravansar, Dehgolan, Shahryar, Bonab, Qom, Salas-e Babajani, Eslamshahr, Dehloran, Tonekabon, Takab, Dezful, Sari, Rasht, Gorgan, Mahallat, Bushehr, Bandar-e Lengeh, Karaj, Nikshahr, Bandarabbas, and Ilam on November 22.

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Saluzzo, Italy, November 2022: Demonstration and Conference in Support of the Nationwide Iran Protests

Saluzzo, Italy, November 2022: Demonstration & Conference in Support of the Nationwide Iran Protests

November 2022, Italy: The municipality of Saluzzo in Italy, in collaboration with the Equality Council, held a demonstration and conference in the theater of this city in solidarity with the women who stood up and supported the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people.

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Vienna—November 18, 2022: Iranian Resistance Supporters Rally in Support of the Iran Protests, Commemorating the Bloody November 2019

Vienna—November 18, 2022: MEK Supporters Rally in Support of the Iran Protests

Vienna—November 18, 2022: Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) held a rally in solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising. They also commemorated the anniversary of the November 2019 uprising in Iran.

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