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Iran News in Brief – November 24, 2022



Iran Uprising at a Glance – Day 70

Based partially on reporting by PMOI (MEK) Network in Iran

Thursday, November 24, 2022 – 7 PM GMT+1

  • Days: 70
  • Protests: 252 cities
  • Fatalities: 660+ estimated deaths, 516 identified by MEK
  • Detentions: 30,000+

On Thursday, protests began with strikes in dozens of cities, including Kermanshah, Qorveh, Mashhad, Urmia, Mahabad, Piranshahr, Kamyaran, Javanrud, Saqqez, Naqadeh, Divandarreh, Bukan, Sanandaj, Baneh, Sarpol-e Zahab, Oshnavieh, Sardasht, Dehgolan, and Salas-e Babajani.

In Tehran, people staged a gathering in Sattarkhan Street, chanting, “Sanandaj, Kurdistan I sacrifice my life for Iran.”

Students at Kurdistan University in Sanandaj chanted, “death to the oppressor, be it the Shah, or the leader (Khamenei).

In Tehran, the families of arrested protesters rallied in front of Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison and demanded authorities clarify the whereabouts and conditions of their loved ones.

At nightfall, demonstrators in Tehran and other cities have begun the ongoing protests for the downfall of the regime.

  • Tehran, Tehranpars district – Protesters chanting: “Death to the dictator!”
  • Tehran, Tehranpars district – Protesters chanting: “From Kurdistan, my life for Iran!”
  • Karaj, west of Tehran – Protesters chanting: “Death to the dictator!”
  • Tehran, Narmak district – Protesters rallying in support of Iran’s Kurdish cities.
  • Isfahan, central Iran – Protesters chanting “Freedom!” in support of the country’s Kurdish cities.
  • Kermanshah, western Iran – Protesters chanting: “Death to the dictator!”
  • Lowar, Ilam Province, western Iran – Locals set ablaze a pro-regime poster on the 70th night of the uprising.


Treasury Sanctions Iranian Officials Connected to the Continued Protest Crackdown

US treasury department

WASHINGTON —Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is designating three Iranian security officials for the Iranian regime’s continued crackdown on ongoing protests throughout the country, including most recently in Kurdish areas. The Iranian regime has increased its aggressive actions against the Iranian people as part of its ongoing suppression of peaceful protests against a regime that denies human rights and fundamental freedoms to its people, especially women and girls.

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Conference at the Parliament of Canada “The Nationwide Uprising of the Iranian People for a Democratic Republic and Against the Misogynist Regime”

Canadian MPs and senators held a conference at the Parliament of Canada on Tuesday morning, December 1, 2022. Ms. Judy Sgro, a senior member of parliament and former minister of immigration, presided over the conference entitled “The Iranian people’s nationwide uprising for a democratic republic and against a misogynist regime.”

Dozens of MPs, senators, and advisors, including three former ministers from the ruling Liberal Party and the Conservative, Bloc Québécois, and New Democratic parties, attended the conference.

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Iran’s Protests Continue as People Rally in Solidarity With Kurdish Cities

The nationwide uprising in Iran is marking its 69th day on Wednesday with people in many cities across the country continuing their anti-regime protests and chanting slogans in solidarity with their compatriots in the country’s Kurdish cities, especially Javanrud and Piranshahr.

Tuesday night also witnessed protesters in many cities taking to the streets despite the regime’s heavy crackdown measures. Brave locals are continuing the trend of using Molotov cocktails in targeting sites of the Basij paramilitary force affiliated with the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), offices of representatives of regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, offices of members of the regime’s Majlis (parliament) who joined a recent call to have all arrested protesters executed, and other buildings affiliated to the state.

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Iran Protests: MEK Resistance Units Report of the Growing Bravery of People

The bravery of the Iranian people has been underscored by each of the reports prepared by the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) since the start of Iran’s nationwide uprising. Recently, these reports, based on information from the MEK’s network of “Resistance Units”, have concluded that fear of a popular revolution has become prevalent within the regime’s camp.

Founded in 2013, the MEK’s Resistance Units are a highly organized underground network of men and women who have been playing a leading role in the major protests in Iran since 2017. They act as the trailblazers of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

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Violence Against Iranian Women Backfires, Leads to Iran Revolution

Violence against Iranian women to enforce the compulsory Hijab on them has been a pillar of the mullahs’ rule since the outset. By doing so, they had enchained the entire society, quashing all opposition and protests.

The inhuman policy, however, finally backfired this September after Mahsa Amini died in the custody of Morality Police. Today, Iran is on the brink of change, and women are leading a revolution for freedom and equality for themselves and the nation.

On the eve of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we glance over what has happened to women in Iran over the past year since November 25, 2021.

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Iranian Regime Continues to Crack Down on Peaceful Protesters, Amid UN Human Rights Council Meeting

human rights council session 2021The United Nations Human Rights Council is holding a special session on Thursday, November 24, to discuss the regime’s protests crackdown.

The Iranian people have continued to protest all across Iran for two consecutive months, following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman arrested by morality police in Tehran, for allegedly violating the country’s strict dress code for women. Protests erupted in response to the event, which has since spread to at least 250 cities. According to sources from the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the regime’s forces have killed 640 people and arrested over 30,000.

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Death by Baton

With the start of nationwide protests in Iran, we have witnessed high levels of violence carried out on the streets. So significant that an overwhelming number of protesters have been killed by brutal hidings and multiple blows of batons.

No sound of bullets was heard being fired in the major cities, no Kalashnikov was fired, but still the protesters who would have been the targets for those shots are silently killed and buried in the city commotion.

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The British Committee for Iran Freedom Calls to Secure an International Inquiry Into Iranian Regime’s Violent Against the Protesters

On the eve of the UN Human Rights Council meeting on November 24, 2022, to investigate the violation of the human rights of the protesters by the mullahs’ regime during the current nationwide protests, The British Committee for Iran Freedom (BCFIF) issued a press release. BCFIF called an inquiry into the Iranian regime’s violence against protesters.

It is worth noting that The United Nations Human Rights Council is holding a special session on Thursday, November 24, to discuss the regime’s protests crackdown.

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Vienna—November 18, 2022: Iranian Resistance Supporters Rally in Support of the Iran Protests, Commemorating the Bloody November 2019

Vienna—November 18, 2022: MEK Supporters Rally in Support of the Iran Protests

Vienna—November 18, 2022: Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) held a rally in solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising. They also commemorated the anniversary of the November 2019 uprising in Iran.

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Saluzzo, Italy, November 2022: Demonstration and Conference in Support of the Nationwide Iran Protests

Saluzzo, Italy, November 2022: Demonstration & Conference in Support of the Nationwide Iran Protests

November 2022, Italy: The municipality of Saluzzo in Italy, in collaboration with the Equality Council, held a demonstration and conference in the theater of this city in solidarity with the women who stood up and supported the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people.

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