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Iran News in Brief – September 20, 2022




Protests Have Spread Across Iran


Numerous images and reports from inside Iran indicate that today, September 20, the uprising of the Iranian people against the ruling dictatorship has crossed a new milestone. Besides slogans for regime change, the youth have been clashing with security forces, torching their vehicles, and destroying their equipment wherever they can.

So far, protests have been reported from the cities of Karaj, Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Kish Island, Qazvin, Rasht, Mashhad, Sari, Shiraz, Rafsanjan, Qom, Hamedan, Sanandaj, Gorgan, Birjand, Ardabil, Urmia, Arak, Tabriz, Ilam, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Shahriar, Sabzevar, Fardis, Zanjan, Kerman, Piranshahr and Marivan, covering all corners of the country.


Calls for Regime Change in front of Raisi’s Hotel in New York

The Iranian American community and supporters of the Iranian Resistance in New York gathered outside the hotel where the Iranian regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi is staying, calling him out for crimes he has committed during four decades of tyranny and genocide in Iran.

آکسیون ایرانیان آزاده در نیویورک در برابر هتل رئیسی جلاد ۲۹شهریور۱۴۰۱


Supporters of Iranian Resistance in New York Call Out Raisi for His Crimes

On Tuesday, September 20, supporters of the Iranian Resistance in New York held several rallies and organized various initiatives to inform the public about the crimes of the Iranian regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi who is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly.

آکسیون اعتراضی ایرانیان آزاده در نیویورک علیه حضور رئیسی جلاد در مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل

آکسیون اعتراضی ایرانیان آزاده در نیویورک علیه حضور رئیسی جلاد در مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل


State-run Newspaper Admits to Public Distrust of State Media


In a column that was published today, the state-run Mostaqel daily starts with questioning why the people of Iran do not believe the footage that was broadcasted by the state media, claiming that Mahsa Amini had a heart attack.

Mostaqel wrote: “There is nothing wrong with the people. These people who don’t believe the narrative of Mehsa Amini’s natural death are the same people who have not forgotten that our TV strongly denied the hypothesis of downing the Ukrainian passenger plane for an entire week and dozens of news, analysis, and experts tried to prove it was an accident.”

Even though the daily continued this writing with more lies, it partially admitted: “The root of this inability lies in the domination of the security perspective on the media, as well as some fundamental and theoretical contradictions at the level of the top management of broadcasting, which unfortunately still remains. In the complex world of the media, there is a war of narratives going on. Instead of standing by the people and reflecting on their demands, we are still thinking about censorship and the implementation of the protection plan (the regime’s plan to restrict the internet)! Is there a loss clearer than this?”


The Uprising in Iran Continues on Tuesday

Today, September 20, nationwide protests following the murder of Mahsa Amini continued in several cities in various provinces. According to reports and footage sent from inside Iran, merchants and vendors in Kurdistan province continued their strike and shops stayed closed despite state warnings and threats.

Today, wary of the uprising, the president of Tehran University announced that in-person classes will start in the third week of October and the courses will be virtual in the first two weeks of October. The official news agency IRNA had quoted Mohammad Moghimi, the head of Tehran University on September 18 that classes must be held in person.

Yesterday, several universities in Isfahan and Tehran, e.g. Sanati Sharif, Amir Kabir, Allameh Tabatabai, Tarbiat Moalem, Tarbiat Modares, the National University, and the University of Arts witnessed large protests, and students called for regime change and “Death to the dictator!”

State Official Warns That Protests Are Organized

Mohsen Mansouri, the Iranian regime’s governor of Tehran province posted some comments on Twitter that serve as a warning to the regime’s domestic follower base and is practically requesting a full-fledged crackdown.

He tweeted: “The core elements of the initial gatherings tonight in Tehran were completely organized, trained, and planned to create disturbances in Tehran. Burning the flag, pouring diesel on the roads, throwing stones, attacking the police, setting fire to the engine and garbage cans, destroying public property, etc. are not the work of ordinary people.”

Though the official’s warning sheds light on the regime’s true fears, it is worth noting that in previous uprisings, footage and evidence have been posted on social media that showed the regime’s security forces have been vandalizing public property to blame it on the protesters.


Maryam Rajavi: Giving Concessions to the Mullahs Is Tantamount To Siding With a Moribund Regime

regime-Iranians-supporters-Iranian-Resistance-Belgium-1024x683-1You have blocked the path for the mullahs who sought to take advantage of this law to establish their terrorist headquarters in the heart of Europe.

With your intensive campaign in 16 countries, you have challenged the West’s policy of appeasement. I pay tribute to your resistance, the most important anti-terrorist force in the world. They had conspired to secretly send the regime’s terrorist diplomat from prison in Belgium to the headquarters of crime and terrorism in the notorious Intelligence Ministry in Tehran. But you lifted the veil, overturned the dark rooms, and exposed their schemes.

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Iran: Protests, General Strike Expands Over Mahsa Amini Killing

iran-strike-kurdistanPeople in different cities of Iran are continuing their protests over the killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by the regime’s so-called “morality police” for the ridiculous excuse of “improper hijab”. Protests escalated on Sunday in Tehran, Sanandaj, Mahabad, and Karaj as more people have become furious over the horrendous killing of Mahsa Amini following her arrest and transfer to a police station. After she was taken to a hospital, she died of what has been confirmed as severe brain damage due to heavy blows to her head, indicating she was tortured and viciously beaten while in custody.

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The Death of Mahsa Amini Provokes Angry Protests in Universities


The death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the mullahs’ murderous Guidance Patrol has provoked an outpour of public outrage against the regime across Iran. As anti-regime protests continue for the third day, CT scans of Mahsa Amini’s brain and lungs have leaked, showing that she suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage from a direct strike to her head. The CT scans also show that her lungs were filled with blood and liquids caused by the state of coma.

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Iran Is Rocked With Protests After Heinous Murder of Mahsa Amini


Iran is rocked with protests after the heinous murder of Mahsa Amini.

The people and youths of Tehran came to the streets on Monday, September 19, 2022, protesting the security forces’ brutal suppression of women and calling for “Death to Khamenei!” Keshavarz Blvd. in downtown Tehran was under people’s control. Women widely participated in the protests over the heinous murder of Mahsa Amini.

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Supporters of the Iranian Resistance in the U.S. and Canada Protested the Brutal Murder of Mahsa Amini by the Mullahs’ Regime

Iranian Resistance Supporters in the U.S. and Canada Protested the Brutal Murder of Mahsa Amini

September 17, 2022: Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in the United States (New York) and Canada (Toronto and Ottawa), protested against the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini by the mullahs’ regime.

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Iranian Resistance Supporters Demonstration and the Photo Exhibition on the 1988 Massacre Were Held in New York

MEK Supporters Demonstration & the Photo Exhibition on the 1988 Massacre Were Held in New York

September 19, 2022: Demonstrations and the photo exhibition on the 1988 massacre, were held in New York by the Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC), supporters of the Iranian Resistance (NCRI and MEK).

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