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Iran News in Brief – November 14, 2021




Protests in Iran on Saturday and Sunday

Today, members of the Bus Drivers Syndicate protested in front of the court in Tehran and marched to the Judiciary Office. The protestors are asking officials to investigate the systemic corruption by the managers and they also demanded ownership documents for their buses.

تجمع اعتراضی رانندگان بخش خصوصی شرکت واحد تهران

تجمع اعتراضی رانندگان بخش خصوصی شرکت واحد تهران

On Sunday, a group of retired personnel of the Isfahan Steel Pension Fund gathered in front of the fund building. These retirees want their livelihood and legal demands to be met.

تجمع اعتراضی بازنشستگان و مستمری‌بگیران صندوق بازنشستگی فولاد اصفهان

The staff of Fars University held a rally today, protesting against discrimination and the officials’ refusal to implement their plans that include education and medical treatment for the personnel.

شیرازتجمع اعتراضی کارکنان علوم پزشکی استان فارس

A number of teachers in Qazvin province gathered in front of the governor’s office. These teachers are protesting against the changes in the contracts as well as the disruption in receiving their salaries.

On Saturday, a group of retired personal of Homa Airlines gathered in front of the Mehrabad Airport headquarters to protest the officials’ refusal to pay their salaries and opposing to the transfer of the Homa Pension Fund to the National Pension Fund, which will further deteriorate their status.

تجمع اعتراضی بازنشستگان «هما» در فرودگاه مهرآباد

Last night, farmers and citizens of Isfahan continued to gather and sit overnight in protest of the officials’ negligence that is destroying the Zayandehrud River and the lack of water for agricultural lands.

پنجمین شب تجمع اعتراضی زنده داری کشاورزان در کف زاینده رود

Workers and employees of Ahvaz Municipality held a protest rally in front of the Khuzestan Governor’s office on Saturday to demand their rights.

تجمع  اعتراضی نیروهای شرکتی، قراردادی و حجمی شهرداری اهواز

A group of residents of the village of Ogul Beyk in East Azerbaijan province as well as environmental activists held a rally on Saturday to protest mining activities and the destruction of the environment in the area.

Residents of the village of Karta in Izeh County, Khuzestan Province, held a protest rally in front of the Izeh governor’s office on Saturday. The locals protested the seizure of natural resources by state forces.

Karta in Izeh County, Khuzestan Province

Educational staff and teachers in the Khorasan Razavi General Directorate of Education held a rally on Saturday after their contracts were canceled by the directorate after one month of activity. Last week, these people from Neishabour and Firoozeh were notified about new job opportunities but surprisingly, they were all dismissed.

More Reports of Execution in Iran


According to the latest reports from inside Iran, the state’s Judiciary has executed a prisoner in Zahedan prison at dawn on Wednesday, November 10. The prisoner has been identified as Ahmad Makran Doost, son of Mohammad, 56 years old and a resident of Zahedan City. The prisoner had been in prison for four years on drug-related charges.

On the same day, another prisoner named Ahmad Bahrami, a former police officer was executed in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj.


International People’s Tribunal in London Concluded Today


The fifth session of the International People’s Tribunal on the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown of November 2019 was held in London on Sunday and it ended with the persecutors’ report being filed. In this meeting, witnesses explained their observations of the killing and repression of protesters during the November 2019 uprising.

Witness no. 125 said: “Snipers were stationed on the bank building in Sanandaj. Colonel Javanmardi, a police commander, was present during the crackdown. A woman had been beaten, hit on the head, and was bleeding. A young boy was thrown from a height.”

In his observations, witness no. 216 explained how state agents were shooting at people and he witnessed how a young boy was shot.

Witness no. 119 told the tribunal: “The protests in Iran differ from any other place in the world. They killed 1,500 people in one or two days of protest. In Kermanshah, I heard that about 50 protesters were taken away and suffocated in the water.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced her support for the International People’s Tribunal in London.

Systemic Crackdown and Arrestments in Kurdish Region


According to a Kurdish human rights website, over the past three days, the Iranian regime has carried out large-scale arrests in Kurdish cities. reported today that at least 28 Kurdish citizens in the cities of Baneh, Saqez, and Marivan were arrested without any warrant and transferred to unknown locations. The arrests were accompanied by violence against detainees and their families, while their personal property was confiscated.

State agents have reportedly used ambulances and public transport to relocate their forces who carried semi-automatic weapons. In order to avoid being arrested, many locals were forced to flee their homes and spend the night in mountainous areas despite the cold weather.


Earthquakes in South Iran Kill Two People


According to state media, two strong earthquakes shook Hormozgan province at 15:36 local time. The magnitude of the first earthquake was 6.4 at a depth of 18 km and the second quake was measured 6.3 at a depth of 10 km. Shocks were felt in Kerman, Kish as well as parts of Bushehr province and south of Fars province.

According to media reports, at least two people have been killed and electricity has been cut off in some areas of Bandar Abbas. After the two earthquakes, another earthquake with 4 magnitudes shook Hormozgan province at 16:22 local time.


Shocking Revelations During an Interview With Regime’s Official: “We Killed the Protesters!”

Hassan Norouzi deputy chairman of the Judiciary and Legal Commission of the Iranian regime's parliament

While conducting an interview, Hassan Norouzi, deputy chairman of the Judiciary and Legal Commission of the Iranian regime’s parliament, flagrantly to the atrocities committed during the November 2019 uprising in Iran.

When being asked by the reporter of the state-run website Dideban about the international tribunal in London and whether if it wouldn’t be better if the trial would be held in Iran, Hassan Norouzi said: “What does it mean? What trial?”

Dideban reporter explained: “A trial regarding the negligence that took place and those who were killed in November 1998.”

Hassan Norouzi answered: “Who is going to be convicted in this trial? The killers or those killed?”

Dideban reporter: “This definitely means that those who killed and the official’s negligence will be tried. Those who killed people.”

Hassan Norouzi: “I was one of those who shot the people. We killed! Who is now going to try us? This guy came and burned down the bank and we killed him. Who do you want to try?”



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Three Iranians Were Executed in Zahedan, Southeastern Iran


On Saturday morning, the Iranian regime’s Judiciary executed three prisoners who had previously been held in prison on drug-related charges in Zahedan Central Prison. According to HRANA, the executed prisoners were identified as Sadollah Kharkoohi, Obaidullah Kharkoohi and Mahboub Rakhshani who were are all from Zahedan. Among them, Saadullah and Obaidullah Kharkuhi were brothers.

Now All Iranians Are Seeking Justice, Regime Should Be Afraid


This week, several important events around Iran are taking place in parallel. Angry teachers and educators have protested in 53 cities [22 provinces]. While living in an extremely bad situation, they are demanding their primitive rights which are plundered by the regime. Isfahan’s farmers following the protests of farmers over the past weeks and months are protesting and seeking their water rights from a regime that has dried out Isfahan’s main river, the Zayandeh Rood.

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A Glance Over the Conditions of Women Political Prisoners in Iranian Jails


Various reports in recent days on the conditions of women political prisoners in Iranian jails. Following is a brief update on the conditions of women political prisoners Atena Daemi, Zeinab Jalalian, Asal Mohammadi, Aliyeh Motallebzadeh, and Saada Khadirzadeh.

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Labor Activists Detained for Peaceful Activities


Labor activists Asal Mohammadi and Hirad Pirbodaghi have been detained for their peaceful activities in defense of workers’ rights. Labor activist Asal Mohammadi was transferred to the women’s ward of Evin on Thursday, November 11, 2021. Forces of the Intelligence Ministry violently broke into the residence of Asal Mohammadi and Hirad Pirbodaghi on November 6. They ransacked the house and took them to the Intelligence Ministry’s detention center at Ward 209 of Evin Prison.

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