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Iran Protests: Drivers Strike in Khuzestan Province

Iran Protests: Drivers Strike in Khuzestan Province

Strikes and protests continue in various Iranian cities.

Written by Hamideh Taati on 25 January 2020.


January 25, 2020:

Latest News on Iran – January 25, 2020

Members of Congress support plan for future Iran.

130 Members of Congress agree, “the Iranian people have been deprived of their fundamental freedoms for which reason they rejected monarchic dictatorship and are opposing religious tyranny”

Republicans and Democrats supper a Free Iran 2020

H.Res 374: “Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for the future of Iran, which calls for the universal right to vote, free elections, and a market economy, and advocates gender, religious, and ethnic equality, a foreign policy based on peaceful coexistence, and a non-nuclear Iran.”

Maryam Rajavi the President-elect of the NCRI wrote on twitter:

The Iran people’s movement will achieve certain victory. This movement is already building the foundations of a free, democratic and prosperous Iran.

Iran news in brief, January 25, 2020

Albania Shuts Down Iran Regime’s So-Called Cultural Center.

Macron: Iran Will Never Acquire a Nuclear Weapon.

Hezbollah Base Attacked Near Syrian Border.


January 25, Khomeini Port, Khuzestan Province South West Iran.

Drivers who transport employees to Khomeini Port (Bandar Shahpour) have gone on strike in protest to low pay, high prices, and officials’ broken promises. The drivers take around 5,500 workers to work everyday.

Protests Across Iran by Different Social Classes.

MEK Resistance Units set fire to banners of Khamenei and regime foundations -Jan 2020

Iranian female athletes emigrate, defying the mullahs’ rules. 

Iran’s women athletes despite overcoming obstacles and winning championships, run into the wall of misogyny of the mullahs’ religious dictatorship. Ultimately, they prefer to leave their homeland rather than continuing their careers under the mullahs’ rule.


Iran Criminal Jurist, Abolfazl Bahrampur calls for cutting hands and feet of Iranian protesters.

On November 29, 2019, Abolfazl Bahrampur, an Iranian regime-linked jurist, attend an interview with the state-run TV channel one. He bluntly called authorities to employ inhuman punishments against detained protesters in the deterrence of upcoming uprisings. “They [protesters] should be tortured, crucified, or hanged to death. Their hands and feet should be cut in the opposite direction. We won’t face any problem with the next round of protests in the future if one of these sentences was implemented [and youths never dare to protest]. “These sentences should be publicly done where they [protested]. [Protesters] should be executed or punished. “Later, they should be chopped in a disastrous state. Their right hand and left foot; for instance, four fingers of the right hand and the toes of the left foot should be cut. Then they should be released in this state in the society [till the people be terrified]. Or they should be exiled from the country—not a place such as Shiraz with a nice climate. They should be exiled in the middle of a sea with a scraped ship to spend their lives there to die. This is ‘exile.’ “Additionally, I would like to criticize some of our friends and partners. Anyway, God preserves Mr. Raisi, the head of the Judiciary System who led thousands of political prisoners to gallows in the summer of 1988. “It is wrong if we believe that they are some youths who became excited. No, [it shouldn’t be justified] if they became excited why not for the establishment and the martyrs? A couple days ago, these [protesters], who were advised, would kill us! [We shouldn’t show mercy].”



Saturday, January 25, 2020, marks the 72nd day since the beginning of the nationwide Iran protests.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has identified 724 of the more than 1500 protesters killed by the regime so far.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has called on the United Nations to urgently send an international fact-finding mission to Iranian prisons to meet with the detainees.


Number of uprising cities: 191

Number of martyrs: At least 1500

Number of injured: More than 4,000

Number of detainees: More than 12,000

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