Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Iran: Bus drivers gone on strike in capital

NCRI – Bus drivers in the Iranian capital, Tehran, went on strike today to protest against their wages and conditions of work, as they had warned earlier.

The drivers have been calling for improvement of their working conditions and higher wages to meet with rising inflation but their demands have been refused by the clerical regime.

Today’s strike has brought further chaos to the streets of capital making it even more difficult for commuters to move around in the city.
A few months ago, public transport workers in Tehran drove with their vehicles lights on to protest at their low wages. Their leaders were arrested at the time.
"We simply want a better life but as soon as we say something, we will be accused of being counter revolutionaries," one of the leaders told state radio.
Transport workers are employed by the government in Iran and earn on average 250 dollars a month.