Saturday, September 30, 2023

Iran: Protests in Tehran

On Monday, June 22, a large crow of protestors in Tehran gathered in a square formerly called Rezaiha (now Haft-e Tir), but are being violently suppressed and beaten by the Iranian regime’s State Security Force (SSF). At the time of reporting, there are still scattered crowds present at the square.

Helicopters are hovering at a low altitude over the protestors. A large number of anti-riot vehicles and agents have been stationed in the area to prevent the formation of a larger crowd. Still, vast crowds of people from surrounding streets continue to join protestors who have converged at the square.

Simulatenesouly, small gatherings have also formed at Enghelab Square, Fatemi Square, Sadeghieh Square, and the Abbasabad district.

At Ferdowsi Square, the anti-riot unit has been stationed to create an atmosphere of fear and terror.