Thursday, October 6, 2022

Iran: Students protest

students protest in Iran
NCRI – Some 100 students staged a sit-in on Monday in front of the Education Ministry in Tehran. The students have been complaining about high tuition fees, low standard of education and worn out equipment among many other things.
The students from Shamspour University were sitting in could weather on the pavement holding banners and placards protesting against the mullahs’ regime total disregard to their demands.
One student complained that the universities in Iran are in an appalling state while the regime is spending billions of dollars on arms and interfering in other countries.
Another student said that they would stay there until the Minister comes personally to respond to their demand, and their protest could go on indefinitely.
Students from other universities supported their move while members of public expressing solidarity and encouraging them to continue with their protest against the clerical regime.