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Khamenei Express Fear of Iran Protests and Opposition MEK


The Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, once again on Tuesday warned of possible “security threats” concerning his regime. He also complained about the opposition’s role in society.

While Iranian people are suffering from COVID-19 and its death toll continues to rise, Khamenei, as the country’s highest authority, did not even mention this crisis and the people’s suffering.

Khamenei refused to address the coronavirus crisis because he was concerned about his regime’s “security.” Khamenei previously had called the COVID-19 pandemic “a blessing,” to control the restive Iranian society. In other words, Khamenei, and his regime, by inaction and cover-up intended to use the coronavirus outbreak and its high mortality rate to form a barrier against popular uprisings.

Khamenei dismisses Coronavirus as not that big a deal, even calls it a blessing!

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Wednesday that the COVID-19 death toll has surpassed 142,800 people across Iran. The regime’s own engineered statistics, which stand at 36,160, indicate the situation is out of the mullahs’ control.

On October 24, Khamenei met with the regime’s National COVID-19 Task Force, after eight months of absence and quarantine. This meeting, attended by the regime’s top military and security officials, could rather be described as Khamenei’s “anti-uprising” task force meeting.

The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Commander, Hossein Salami, on October 31 announced their plan of “searching all houses,” under the pretext of “combatting the COVID-19.” But how could the regime’s primary force of oppression help those diagnosed with COVID-19?

Khamenei’s remarks on Tuesday, his previous meeting with his security officials, and the IRGC’s plan of searching all houses demonstrate how the COVID-19 crisis has got out of the regime’s control. In fact, the rising death toll has increased the society’s restiveness, preparing the ground for another nationwide uprising.


Khamenei express fear over the MEK’s role

On Tuesday, Khamenei in a speech expressed his fear about the MEK’s role both inside and outside of Iran. The leader of the number one state-sponsor of terrorism, who has the blood of the millions of innocent people in Iran and abroad on his hands, complained about France “sheltering” the Iranian Resistance.

Khamenei’s remarks once again showed his ultimate fear of the MEK. Since the nationwide Iran protests in 2018, particularly after the November 2019 uprising during which the MEK played a leading role, Khamenei has delivered not a serious speech unless they referred to the regime’s security and the MEK influence in the society.

This is chiefly because the uprisings and their extensiveness, which undermined and showed the fragility of the regime’s oppressive organs, that failed to preserve the regime’s security.

After the nationwide Iran protests in 2018, Khamenei acknowledged the MEK had “planned for months” and organized for the uprising. Khamenei threatened that the regime will respond to them. A few months later in 2018, the regime’s diplomat-terrorist, Assadollah Assadi and three accomplices were arrested while trying to bomb the June 2018 Iranian opposition rally in France.

Following the November uprising, Khamenei once again showed his fear of the Iranian opposition on January 8, 2020. Referring to the MEK and Albania, where the MEK members are situated, Khamenei complained about the MEK’s leading role in the uprising.

Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s attacks Albania for hosting PMOI/MEK Iranian opposition members

“Several days before the uprising, in a small and sinister country in Europe, an American and a number of Iranians drew up plans, which we saw in the gasoline incident. As soon as (protesting) people came to the scene, the enemy’s operatives began. Demolishing, torching, murdering, destroying, and fomenting war. This was a renewal of the work they had carried out before. And they continue to do these, and they will do whatever they can,” he said.

Khamenei’s constant warnings and fear of the “security” of his regime is because as time has passed, the uprisings have taken place at shorter intervals, more widely, and much deeper.

Khamenei’s remarks also suggest that the regime has failed to quell the restive society, and the November 2019 uprising and people’s anger are like fire under ashes. In other words, the regime is unable to prevent the uprising from happening.

As the state-run Etemad daily on October 28 wrote: “The officials should fear ‘that’ [upcoming uprising]. Because when it comes, it penetrates all protections and burns [the regime’s] roots and hopes. There will be no time to regret [years of] oblivion.”