Friday, June 18, 2021
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Protests Continue Across Iran as Economic Crises Deepen


As economic problems deepen in Iran, protests from all walks of life continue across the country. Iranians consider the regime’s wrong policies and corruption as the real reason for their problems.

On Sunday, retirees and pensioners of Iran’s Social Security Organization held their nationwide rallies, protesting harsh living conditions, the regime’s inaction to solve their problems, and called for boycotting the mullahs’ sham presidential elections. Retirees held their protests despite the regime’s attempts to intimidate them.

In Tehran, protesters marched from the Social Security Organization to the Shademan subway, chanting, “We will no longer vote because we have not seen any justice.”

Parliament, government enough lying to the nation,” “Government betrays, parliament supports,” “We will not vote anymore, we have heard enough lies,” “We will not rest until we obtain our rights,” and “Only by taking to the street we can obtain our rights.”

On Monday, farmers in Ziar city in Isfahan province held a protest, demanding their right to water irrigation. The protesting farmers blocked the road by using their vehicles and setting fire to tires.

In a similar development, farmers in Vajjareh village held a rally demanding their rights to water irrigation. A woman in this gathering said: “You have violated our right and yet prosecute us. You have taken our right to water irrigation for years. You speak of Islam publicly but violate people’s rights. You plunder the rights of orphans and widows who gave all their earnings of carpet weaving to get their right to water irrigation. Yet, you took away the water and sold it in other cities.”

Uprising in Southeast Iran and Retirees’ Protests Suggest Society’s Restiveness

On Monday, a group of university graduate teachers held a protest in Karaj, near Tehran, demoing equal pay and rights. The regime security forces arrested a lady who spoke at this rally but was forced to release her after 24 hours.

Deprived workers of Sepahan Cement Factory in Diziche in Isfahan province went on strike, demanding their low incomes. Defrauded investors who lost their life savings in the stock market held rallies in several cities on Monday. The regime’s president Hassan Rouhani and the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had encouraged and deceived people into purchasing shares at the stock market. Following the burst of the stock market’s bubble growth, many Iranians lost their life savings.

Protesters in Mashad on Monday were chanting: “We will continue our rally until our demands are met.” In Tehran, plundered people gathered in front of the regime’s parliament (Majlis) on Monday, demanding justice. They were heard chanting: “We won’t vote anymore, we did not see a good official.” “Government had a budget deficit, so it stole our money,” “Government betrays, and Majlis supports,” “We won’t vote anymore, we haven’t seen any justice,” and “We will not vote anymore, we’ve heard too many lies.”

Several ABFA Water Department’s personnel in Izeh, southwest Iran, held a rally on Tuesday. They demanded their several months delayed salaries.

These ongoing protests show the Iranian society’s restiveness. The state-run Mostaghel daily on Sunday admitted that society’s current explosive state “has reached a certain point of difficulties that speaking of it agitates the officials.”