Friday, December 1, 2023
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Tehran’s Teachers’ Association Condemns Judicial Verdicts Against Iranian Teachers


NCRI – Tehran’s Teachers’ Association in a statement strongly condemned the unjust verdicts imposed by the Judiciary for some Iranian teachers.

The statement reads:

“The pressure on independent activists and unions continues. Meanwhile, both political factions of the country are trying to win cultural community’s votes in the electoral campaign by giving false promises in the field of education.These promises will be forgotten by the end of the election.

Additionally, some union activists are being summoned to judicial courts and imprisoned. Meanwhile, union activists suffer oppression due to lack of access to media facilities in towns. They are sometimes sentenced to unfair imprisonment while the cultural community is not aware of that.

Among them, Mohsen Omrani is a teacher and union activist from Bushehr (south of Iran). He has been serving time since May 2017.He was sentenced to one year of imprisonment and dismissed from service for two years. He is currently suffering from skin and fungal disease in the poor condition of prison and has been deprived of the necessary treatment.

In addition to Mohsen Omrani, Reza Moslemi is one of the teachers and union activists of Hamadan Province who has been imprisoned silently and with no media coverage.

Another union activist is Taher Ghaderzadeh who is a teacher and also a member of Kurdistan Union. He has been sentenced to 91 days of imprisonment due to his activities. Unfortunately, the union activists are facing criminal convictions in hard situations of prisons while the plunderers of public property have been released from jail on bail of million dollars and some of them threaten the Judiciary freely.

These teachers only demanded their receivables and tried to improve the quality of public education. Tehran’s Teachers’ Association condemns the judicial orders for the activists such as Reza Moslemi and Taher Ghaderzadeh, calling for the unconditional release of Mohsen Omrani. The Teachers’ Association also stresses that the continuation of this unfair and discriminatory process renders the Judiciary as an invalid body towards the public opinion and culture of the country.

Unfortunately, the judicial authorities are not determined to change the current procedures. The detention of Esmail Abdi is an example of this claim.

Despite all obstacles, the independent unions and organizations, including Tehran’s Teachers’ Association, continue to work legally and with the support of teachers to drop the false charges against the union’s activities as well as supporting imprisoned teachers all over the country.”