Friday, December 1, 2023
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The MEK’s Growing Influence Sparks Iran Regime’s Fear and Desperation 


The nationwide Iran uprising continues, demonstrating an organized and purposeful movement. Despite the regime’s escalating brutality, their failure to quash what the protesters call a ‘revolution’ affirms its resilience.  

This steadfastness, reflected in the uniformity of slogans, creative tactics, and impressive defiance, owes much to the methodical work of the Resistance Units affiliated with the main organized opposition, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK). The regime’s increasingly desperate and alarming rhetoric against the MEK underscores the organization’s growing influence, particularly among the youth and women. 

Speaking about the significant threat posed by the MEK and its impact on the demoralized forces within the regime, Mohammad Saeedi, the Friday Prayer of the Qom, issued a stark warning on May 12: “The dangers posed by the MEK to both Islamic and human society are unparalleled.” 

On May 12, the former representative of the supreme leader and the superintendent of Iranian Hujjaj Seyyed Ali Ghazi Askar, referring to a statement made by the regime’s founder, Ruhollah Khomeini, highlights the peril of the MEK attracting “numerous young individuals and intellectuals.”  

In his interview with the state-run Jamaran website, Ghazi Askar emphasized that “many young people and thinkers believe they can freely express their thoughts within the open atmosphere of our Islamic nation. They engage in discussions on various Islamic topics and listen to their views with acceptance and openness… but, God forbid, they may unwittingly fall prey to the influence of liberals, nationalists, or the MEK!” 

On December 21, 2022, the state-run Mashreq News published a report about the MEK’s impact on Iran’s society. The report, titled “Maryam Rajavi Set to Seize Power in Tehran,” speculated and offered a detailed analysis of the potential rise of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI’s president-elect, as the future President of Iran. This publication, which has dedicated sections and numerous tags specifically focused on news and reports about the MEK, emphasizes the growing influence and ambitions of the group’s leader. 

On May 7, 2023, the Iranian group “Ghiam ta Sarnegouni” disrupted over 210 websites, software apps, servers, and databases owned by Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The group is gradually releasing batches of documents that reveal the collaboration between the ministry and intelligence agencies. The revealed evidence exposes a deliberate campaign to undermine the credibility of the MEK through the dissemination of fabricated information. 

The acquired documents provide undeniable evidence of the Iranian regime’s profound apprehension and anxiety regarding its primary opposition, the MEK. It becomes evident that multiple ministries are actively engaged in efforts to undermine and delegitimize the organization. Notably, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a dedicated “political committee” that consistently formulates strategies to counteract the MEK and hinder its global initiatives. One of these strategies involves advocating for the blacklisting of the MEK within the European Union, aiming to obstruct their operations and activities. 

As a result, the regime considers political mechanisms as the only viable avenue for reinstating the MEK on the EU’s blacklist, necessitating the support and collaboration of a sympathetic European nation. 

Regarding the political approach, the disclosed documents demonstrate Tehran’s apprehension that their efforts to relabel the MEK as a foreign terrorist organization could encounter significant obstacles due to the political landscape. “Given the current political situation, it is a daunting undertaking,” the documents assert. 

The regime trembles in fear of its organized opposition, haunted by the nightmare of impending overthrow. Despite their relentless efforts, the mullahs have failed to extinguish the flames of protests or alter their trajectory. Iranians, inspired by the gallant actions of the Resistance Units, courageously confront the oppressive regime as the uprising rages on. It is imperative that the international community extends tangible support to this uprising. Recognizing the Iranian people’s right to self-defense and resistance against the barbaric religious fascism ruling Iran must stand as the foremost practical act of solidarity with the Iranian nation.