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Iranian Opposition & Resistance | Latest News on NCR Iran

Live Coverage From Day 4 of the Free Iran Convention at the MEK's Compound in Albania

Live Coverage From Day 3 of the Free Iran Convention at the MEK's Compound in Albania

Today, July 14 2019, on Day 4 of the Free Iran convention at the compound of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK) in Albania, there's a major international conference on the Iranian regime's terrorism, nuclear and missile programs and the role of the Iranian opposition in bringing about regime change in Iran. We'll be updating this page live as the event unfolds.

Today’s conference is titled:
Iran: Support People's uprisings and Resistance
No to Mullahs' terrorism, Nuclear and Missile program

Read more about the 2019 Annual Free Iran Conference at the MEK's Headquarters in Albania.


Senator & Mayor Paolo Corsini

10.45: Former Italian MP, Senator & Mayor Paolo Corsini: The West should end appeasement of Iran's regime. We should support the Iranian people and the organized Resistance, the MEK, to bring about regime change. A viable alternative to the regime exists in Iran. It is the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Dr. Matthew Offord

10.50: Dr. Matthew Offord, Member of Parliament from the United Kingdom, says: 

“The British press have been very kind to Ashraf 3, describing it as a beacon of hope. The world is realizing there is an alternative to the Iranian regime and it is the PMOI (MEK) in Ashraf 3.

The Iranian regime is making a mistake in thinking that we in Britain will be scared of its provocations. It should be assured that the UK is not scared. The UK has made it very clear we will protect ourselves.

We need to convince our European colleagues to impose sanctions on the Iranian regime. The world will also start to wake up to Madam Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan. All of us in the world simply do not disagree with the issues raised in Mrs. Rajavi’s plan for the future of Iran.

I genuinely believe change is coming to Iran. The members of the MEK have reemerged from the destruction of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty. They have launched Ashraf 3 and have been embraced by the people of Albania.

Former British MP Brian Binley

10.55: Former British MP Brian Binley says:

"We first came to Albania back in 2014 with a task to the country’s Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama, and we asked him to accept more Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty residents."

"We pleaded with the Prime Minister and it wasn’t hard. He asked us shouldn’t you be making this request to other European countries? We told him we were working hard on this issue and the Prime Minister said he would accept more Ashraf/Liberty residents. I pay massive tribute to Mr. Edi Rama for convincing the people of Albania to accept more of the Iranian opposition members in their country."

"Having revisited Albania now, this country has made great progress in the past five years."

"This great city of Ashraf 3 showed Mr. Rama kept his process. There has been astounding progress in Ashraf 3. All this work in just a year and a half is incredible. I always knew that those of people who had gone through the hell of Camp Liberty would get things moving for themselves. You have built yourself a city and I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart."

"There’s more work to do and that is our task. There is much we can do in our country for the ten-point plan of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.”

“The answer lies in how we deal with the Iranian mullahs and that awful government that have been fighting for so long. We need to have meetings with the next UK Prime Minister to imply how important the 10-point plan is. Not just for you, but, I believe, for the people of the world. A religious autocracy based on medieval theocracy has no place in the 21st century."

Former Italian MP Sergio D'Elia

11.10: Former Italian MP Sergio D'Elia says:

"The changes we have seen in Ashraf 3 in the past year alone are unimaginable. Everything looks very much alive here. Ashraf 3 is not only a symbol; you are a sample for the future of Iran.
You are no longer just a resistance against the regime; you are now a freedom movement.

Seeing you, the MEK, in Ashraf 3 gives me a vision about how the free Iran of tomorrow will be like. Even when you were held captive in a “concentration camp” [referring to Camp Liberty] you were able to change it into a sample of life. You did so in Ashraf 1, 2 and now in Ashraf 3. The PMOI (MEK) are creators. You have set an example for a future Iran.
You can free and also build up Iran. You are reliable, trustworthy, signs of law and justice. By seeing Ashraf and you, I am convinced the MEK have created a sample of Iran in this city.
I hope we are in Tehran next year. We can see Tehran here because Ashraf 3 exists and the future free Iran will also become a reality. The MEK is now part of my family, and that is why I call you my brothers and sisters."

Former Irish Minister and lawmaker John Perry

11.20: Former Irish Minister and lawmaker John Perry says:

"It was a privilege to be in Ashraf 3 and in the presence of NCRI President Maryam Rajavi. It is an amazing experience to see survivors of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty, the 1988 massacre in Iran and human rights violations under the regime.
It is very important to see the encouraging work of the PMOI/MEK. Especially when 56 million people are under the age of 25 in Iran. The new force of technology will certainly spread the word.

I now have a deep respect for a free Iran. The people deserve it and Europe has a major obligation in this regard. Action is required now. Europe cannot stand idly by.
Martin Luther King said the test of any man, woman or country is where we stand in times of conflict and challenge. It is now time for Europe to stand with Iran, and say enough is enough, to support Iranians remove the Khamenei regime and the mullahs from power. The future generation of Iran deserves an opportunity to live a free Iran.
The new Europe should fight for a free Iran. I will do my utmost to convey this message. We must have a voice in every parliament of Europe. Information must get through to Europe and we need to spread the word of total suppression of the Iranian people and we need to stop it."

Irish Senator Gerry Horkan

11.25: Irish Senator Gerry Horkan says:

"All the improvements here in Ashraf 3 are amazing. Even Google hasn’t been able to update its images and meet your speed of construction here.
We should also give the credit to the Albanian government for permitting the establishment of such an important city called Ashraf 3.

We never think things will change so quickly, but they will. Hopefully, very soon we will see free, fair and democratic elections in Iran and Iranians will be voting for President Maryam Rajavi at the first election for a free and democratic Iran where freedom of religion is allowed. That is part of the 10-point plan that we support.
To have 47 countries represented here at the MEK's compound in Ashraf 3 is just incredible. They include Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Senator Joe Lieberman. The squeeze must be tightened around Iran's regime to reduce their ability to raise funds in the Middle East and across Europe.
There is huge global support for the NCRI and the MEK in Ashraf 3. Hopefully soon we will see action and deliver results, including a free and fair government in Iran.

 Leo Dautzenberg

11.30: Leo Dautzenberg, a former member of Germany's Bundestag, says:

"The Federal Court in Germany has ordered action against the Iranian regime for targetting the opposition MEK (PMOI). Major countries in Europe, including Germany, should have been ready to accept more of you when Camp Liberty was dissolved.

The people in Iran and their struggle is the best sign of change to come to Iran. We can see that the mullahs are using Iranian wealth for their private interests. They are using the Iranian people’s money for terrorism and accelerating war in the Middle East. We do have a great responsibility and a duty towards the Middle East, and we should conduct this together.
With the protests in Iran, we can also see that toppling the Iranian regime has to happen from within the country, and we have to support it from the outside. The change must come from within and from Ashraf 3.
You have a president who with her ten-point plan, which is very convinciing, has created an alternative which represents freedom and democracy. This is also our choice for the future. From a European and German angle, we need to step forward and support this ten-point plan."

Kenneth Lewis 

11.35: Swedish lawyer and human rights activist Kenneth Lewis says:

"In 2004, the PMOI were on the EU and US terror lists. (Both the EU and US delisted the group after the High Courts found there was no evidence that the PMOI were terrorists.) Back in 2004, when I was in Ashraf 1, the FBI interviewed all Ashraf residents, taking all of their fingerprints. They did not find a single terrorism supsect.
The American officers and soldiers in Ashraf 1 were impressed by your dedication and political program. The very people who were holding you in Ashraf were convinced about you.
40% of the resistance fighters in Ashraf 1 were women and this is very important against the mullahs’ regime. Back in the years, we had some friends and yet still a lot of people who still didn’t understand. Now, a lot of people who used to not understand that you are the main resistance movement, they are beginning to understand, all because of your work and program.
There are still a lot of people in Europe who have not understood that appeasement is not the way forward, and don’t care about human rights. Huge support is growing for this movement and we have work to do.
Human rights should be the most important aspect in dealing with the regime in Iran.
Ashraf 3 is a wonderful achievement. This is an important part of the resistance. The fight to overthrow the mullahs is taking place on the streets of Tehran. Your program will be an essential contribution to that.
Thank you for your wonderful spirit of resistance."

Society Linda Lee

11.45: Former President of the UK Law Society Linda Lee says:

"We in the UK Law Society have and will support your cause for a free Iran. We want freedom for you. I couldn’t believe what a wonderful community and spirit is in Ashraf 3. This is not a town, it lives and breathes. The mothers and daughters who have suffered so much are so positive in spirit. This is a wonderful community of people.
If you are the beating heart of Ashraf, Madame Maryam Rajavi holds the soul of Ashraf and will take it forward to free Iran.
When I saw the human rights exhibition in Ashraf 3, I was simply overwhelmed as it brings to life the horror that has happened in Iran. Even in that most depths of horror, there is still hope for the future. That exhibition must be seen by the world.
I believe that we are now so close. I want for all the men and women of Iran to have freedom. Next year we will be in Tehran."

Australian Pastor Brian Medway

11.50: Australian Pastor Brian Medway says:

"We have been supporting the PMOI in Ashraf for a long time now. We belong to your supporters in Australia, due to their dedication. Your integrity and commitment, to serve the best interests of Iran, without any idea of how long this may take, this draws our affection. We want to see what you want to see. We will make your voice known in Australia and we will do it with the greatest of confidence. I’ve decided that I’m an honorary member of Ashraf. I belong to what you believe in and I belong to you. When Iran is free, we will be part of this great story."

Former Norwegian MP Lars Rise

12.00: Former Norwegian MP Lars Rise says:

"In 2005 my wife and I visited the MEK in Camp Ashraf in Iraq. After the first two days in Ashraf, my wife said I have never experienced such love. Ashrafis are people of integrity and love. It is the complete opposite of the regime in Iran.
The Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are rightly blacklisted.
Iranian agents in Oslo are representing themselves as refugees to spread misinformation about the MEK. This shows the Iranian regime is desperate.
The leadership of this movement through Madame Maryam Rajavi is realizing amazing results. I always say I am a member of this movement and always will be."

Frederick Azzopardi

12.10: Frederick Azzopardi MP from Malta says:

"I want to convey support from the Nationalist Party of Malta to the people of Iran.
We have heard horrifying testimonies about human rights violations in Iran. We were sad, angry and yet even more determined. We want to support our Iranian friends in their fight for freedom. This has become a personal matter for me now. To the MEK in Ashraf I say your cause is our cause. Your pain is our pain, your fight is our fight. God willing, your victory will also be our victory. We salute your bravery.
The Iranian people are being denied of their universal rights. The Iranian regime funds terrorism and threatens the world with nuclear proliferation. This regime is responsible of crimes against humanity that are punishable under international law.
Our presence in Albania is a testimony to the people of Iran and a strong message against appeasement vis-a-vis this atrocious regime. This same regime sought to bomb the 2018 Free Iran conference in Paris. Yet we are back in full force. We will not be bullied with suppression. Terror attacks by the Iranian regime will never break the determination of our free world to realize a free and democratic Iran.
As Madame President Rajavi has said, regime change is the task of the Iranian people. We should support the Iranian people at all times.
Our message to the people is: We will never abandon you until your justified cause is fulfilled. You are, indeed, our heroes. Our common mission is a free Iran.

Paul Forseth

12.15: Former Canadian MP Paul Forseth says:

"In solidarity, we will continue to support the Iranian people. The MEK members in Ashraf 3 should be known as the 'overcomers.' For the Iranian people, the future is much brighter than the past."

Professor Alfred de Zayas

12.25: Professor Alfred de Zayas, former UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, says:

"I have long felt solidarity and compassion with the MEK, for your cause, for the Iranian people and the ten-point plan of Madam Rajavi. I have spoken about your cause and about the summer 1988 massacre, and the execution of 120,000 Iranians by the mullahs’ regime. Human rights violations in Iran are so massive that they constitute crimes against humanity.
The mullahs are not just going to roll over. Change, however, must come from within. I wish you success, perseverance, peace and happiness in Iran."

Roger Lyons

12.30: Roger Lyons, former President of Britain's Trades Union Congress (TUC), says:

"We have been showing solidarity with the workers in Iran who face brutal repression. We have been educating various industries in order to support Iran’s workers.
Many of you have heard of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. She was arrested as a spy in Iran by the regime and separated from her baby. The mullahs didn’t even give her decent medical attention. This is an outrageous example of the mullahs’ treachery. The mullahs’ attitude are making people understand far more about the need to support the Iranian Resistance and regime change in Iran. The evidence is here. Public opinion is strong and we will continue to campaign until we win."

British MP Sir David Amess

12.35: British MP Sir David Amess says:

"This Free Iran conference and gathering in Albania is all about democracy."

“What an example of the MEK to build such a wonderful camp in such a short period. It is absolutely magnificent. It is wonderful being with people who seek to establish freedom and justice for the Iranian people.”

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