Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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British peer: the Rouhani regime is “a disgrace in the civilized world”

NCRI – Lord Clarke of Hampstead, a long-time member of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, said that the Rouhani regime is “a disgrace in the civilized world.”

Citing the images of young people hanging from cranes in public places, he argued that the human rights situation in Iran had always been shocking. However, Lord Clarke continued, not only had there been a deterioration under the regime’s current President Hassan Rouhani, but the promise of moderation had made that deterioration the more bitter to bear.

Lord Clarke drew attention to the widespread use of execution as well as cruel and unusual punishments in Iran, and demanded that Western governments not put the pursuit of wealth before the lives of Iranians.

Drawing attention to the plight of the Iranian opposition MEK (PMOI) members in Camp Liberty in Iraq, Lord Clarke said the Free Iran rally was an opportunity to work together to prevent this and many other wrongs of the Iranian regime.

Lord Clarke looked forward to hearing Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan for a peaceful, free and secure Iran at the mass gathering of international decision-makers and supporters on July 9 in Paris.