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Brussels’ Shameful Deal With Tehran Will Escalate Terrorism, Endanger European Nationals, Iranian Refugees

Iranian demonstrate in Brussels on Friday First of July, 2022 to Dismantle the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence terror network in Europe.

After months of speculations, the news of a shameful deal between the clerical regime in Iran and the Belgian government was confirmed through the official website of the Belgian Parliament. Under the pretext of a prisoner swap between the two countries, Brussels is paving the way for the release and exoneration of Asadollah Assadi, the terrorist diplomat who had smuggled explosives from Tehran into European soil and plotted to attack an international event attended by 100,000 people, including hundreds of lawmakers, current and former officials and dignitaries from five continents, in June 2018.

The notice of a hasty approval of a bill in the Belgian parliament is now posted on the parliament’s website and is expected to be approved soon. According to this bill, convicted criminals from two countries can serve their sentences in their own countries. The latter, a mere excuse to seal the deal, has proven absurd throughout the last four decades where Tehran has managed to extort European countries into submission and has triumphantly hailed its convicted terrorists in Iran while parading them on state TV as national heroes.

If this bill is approved, Brussels will release the terrorist diplomat Asadollah Assadi and his accomplices and repatriate them to Iran. The Court of Antwerp had sentenced Asadi to 20 years in prison, his informant Mehrdad Arefani was sentenced to 17 years and Nasimeh Naami and Amir Saadouni, who were commissioned to plant the bomb in Paris, were each sentenced to 18 years in prison and their passports and Belgian citizenship were revoked.

The Iranian resistance strongly condemns this shameful deal with the clerical regime in Tehran, which has been branded as the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world by many UN member states.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi calls on all Iranians, lawyers, political figures, representatives of the Belgian Parliament, the European Parliament, and other European parliaments to take immediate action to prevent the approval of this bill. She adds that if this bill is approved, religious fascism will be encouraged to exploit the granted impunity to proceed with its illicit activities and Europe will be even less safe.

Mrs. Rajavi said: Had the bombing and the planned massacre in Paris been successful, it would have been the most significant terrorist incident in Europe. If this bill is approved, no one in Europe will have security and immunity from the killers ruling Iran.”

This case has 25 private plaintiffs from political figures in America and Europe, and the fight and deal about their lives and the hundreds and thousands of others who were at risk in the gathering is an unforgettable stain.

The Belgian Judiciary found in its ruling that the plot to attack the rally in Villepinte in 2018 was not an act by an individual but commissioned by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). For this reason, the European Union sanctioned a branch of that Ministry and several Intelligence Ministry officials.

The agreement between Brussels and Tehran to release Asadollah Assadi is reminiscent of previous prisoner swaps, such as Ali Kamali and Ahmad Taheri. Both were part of a 13-member hit squad sent directly from Tehran to Geneva in 1990 to assassinate Prof. Kazem Rajavi, the NCRI’s representative in Switzerland.

France returned both to Iran in December 1993, and they received a hero’s welcome. Another well-known case was Enis Naghash, who attempted to assassinate the Shah’s last prime minister in Paris. He was repatriated to Iran by France in 1986 and lived a lavish life and attended many government functions.

It is beyond ludicrous to assume that the mullahs will imprison the very agents they had ordered to carry out the failed plot to bomb the NCRI’s rally. Everything must be done to stop this disgraceful and scandalous deal.