Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Düsseldorf rally supports bus drivers’ strike in Tehran

Düsseldorf rallyNCRI – Mullahs’ human rights violations, export of terrorism and fundamentalism were condemned by Iranians in a protest rally in central Düsseldorf on December 27.

Participants were particularly concerned over the clerical regime’s meddling in Iraq and terrorist conspiracies against Camp Ashraf in that country, where thousands of members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran are based. The Iranian regime finds the PMOI as the main obstacle to its expansionism in Iraq.
“Mullahs’ openly claim success in dominating Iraq and say that they can achieve what they failed in the eight-year war with Saddam,” said a young unemployed graduate from Tehran who recently fled the country. “Mullahs plan to dominate the Middle East after Iraq to establish their Islamic empire,” added Naser who spent two months in prison for participating in student protests in Tehran.
The rally in Düsseldorf condemned abduction of two PMOI members by agents of the Iranian regime acting on behalf of the Iraqi Interior Ministry in August. They called on the Multi National forces and the Iraqi government to take urgent measures to get these two released immediately.
In response to recent repugnant remarks by mullahs’ president Ahmadinejad, the protestors called on German government and the EU to take a firm stance against the regime and not to give in to the regime’s nuclear ambitions and refer its file to the UN Security Council.  
The rally also expressed its solidarity with the bus drivers’ strike in Tehran and called for the release of activists imprisoned by the regime’s suppressive agents.