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Former French Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie Highlights Regime’s Deteriorating Situation at Free Iran 2024 World Summit

Former French Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie gave a speech in support of the Iranian people and their Organized Resistance (NCRI and PMOI) led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi for a free, democratic, non-nuclear republic of Iran.
Former French Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie gave a speech supporting the Iranian people and their Organized Resistance (NCRI and PMOI) led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi for a free, democratic, non-nuclear republic of Iran.

Paris, June 29 — At the Free Iran 2024 World Summit, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense Michèle Alliot-Marie delivered a powerful address, emphasizing the critical need for solidarity and support for the Iranian Resistance led by Maryam Rajavi. Alliot-Marie praised Rajavi’s steadfast commitment to freedom and democracy, drawing parallels between the resistance in Iran and the historical resistance in Paris and Berlin.

Alliot-Marie highlighted the worsening internal situation in Iran, noting the significant increase in executions and the severe repression of protests. She pointed out that the regime’s brutality is a sign of its fragility and growing desperation. The former minister also condemned Tehran’s negative influence in the Middle East and its involvement in terrorist activities across Europe.

Stressing the importance of a united front, Alliot-Marie called for stronger international action against Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its repressive tactics. She underscored that the Iranian regime’s actions not only threaten regional stability but also pose a global danger.

In closing, Alliot-Marie affirmed the crucial role of international support for the Iranian people in their fight for a free and democratic Iran. She commended Maryam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan as a beacon of hope and a path toward peace and prosperity.

A translated version of Mrs. Alliot-Marie’s speech follows:

Madam President, dear Maryam Rajavi, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Members of Parliament, distinguished guests, and above all, dear Iranian friends,

I am happy to see you again and to gather around Maryam Rajavi today to assure her of our friendship, support, and admiration. This year, Maryam Rajavi has chosen two symbolic cities, Paris and Berlin, both emblematic of resistance. Paris, for its resistance during World War II, among other times, and Berlin, a city that enabled resistance against the USSR, ultimately marking the liberation of the German people from Soviet constraints.

Once again this year, we find ourselves recognizing that, unfortunately, the international situation and Iran’s internal situation have not improved. However, it is essential to remember that during negative times, facing difficulties and uncertainties, it is crucial to remain strong in our convictions, solid, and united. This is how we overcome challenges and ultimately achieve our goals. Maryam Rajavi, since I have known you, I have seen how steadfast you are in your convictions—convictions necessary for the freedom of peoples and the restoration of Iran as a great country, playing its rightful role in Middle Eastern stability and global peace.

It is true that today, we must acknowledge that the situation in Iran is deteriorating. But we also see that when freedoms and human rights decline, it reflects the regime’s own fragility, as it faces internal and external resistance. This year, executions in Iran increased by 48%, a reminder of the regime’s brutal intolerance for dissent. We see protests met with bloodshed, where young and old, men and women, even children, are killed because the regime cannot tolerate opposition.

Yet, more and more brave Iranians rise, risking their lives to stand up for their convictions. These are people to be admired and supported. Journalists, musicians, and women, despite their education, face persecution for simply wanting to live freely. Iran, alongside Afghanistan, is among the worst offenders in suppressing women’s contributions to society. We must always remember to denounce this and support those fighting for what we take for granted.

Having the freedom we enjoy creates a duty to act so that others may also benefit. Iran needs its women, and excluding them only weakens the regime. This is evident daily, and as organizations and more countries speak out, the Iranian people continue to resist, weakening the regime further. Internationally, Iran’s negative actions are widespread, destabilizing the Middle East and making the world more dangerous.

We have seen Iran’s involvement in terrorism, hostage-taking as state policy, and threats to global security through its nuclear ambitions. These actions reflect a regime feeling increasingly threatened and weakened. The nuclear issue, a significant concern for the U.S. and the world, has seen Iran breaking commitments, enriching uranium to the point where it can produce multiple atomic bombs, a risk that cannot be ignored.

In every resistance movement, it is crucial to see the positive. There is another path, the one you, Maryam Rajavi, have outlined with your Ten-Point Plan, embodying values essential for peace and prosperity. This hope exists and is recognized internationally, with more official voices denouncing Iran’s actions. While Iranians alone will shape their destiny, it is vital they know we stand with them, supporting their rightful struggle for a free, democratic, secular, equal, prosperous, and peaceful Iran.