Friday, December 8, 2023
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German MP Carsten Müller: Over 3,600 Lawmakers from All Free Nations Stand By Your Side

Carsten Müller free iran 2023

At the Free Iran World Summit 2023, Carsten Müller, a member of the German Bundestag, expressed his deep sorrow over the tyranny of the Iranian regime and its impact on the people of Iran. He emphasized the importance of support and unity for the National Council of Resistance and the brave people in Iran fighting for their rights. Mr. Müller highlighted the significance of NCRI’s Ten-Point Plan and the overwhelming support it has garnered from lawmakers worldwide. He encouraged the people of Iran not to relent and assured them that together, they will achieve a free Iran.

The translated script of Mr. Carsten Müller’s speech follows:

Isn’t it true that our hearts break when we witness what this tyrannical, murderous, brutal, and despicable regime is doing to this wonderful country and its people? They stand up for freedom and the rule of law in Iran, and they enjoy broad worldwide support.

Today is a very special day for me, for two reasons. Most of you will know that Rita Süssmuth, who just spoke to you, is an icon in Germany. And she is also an icon for me. Rita Süssmuth represents an indomitable will for freedom. She cannot be silenced, not even by a Mullah regime in Tehran. She possesses incredible courage, and that is what people need. The people, including you from the National Council of Resistance, need courage, support, and unity. And the people in Iran, who risk their lives for freedom, need this courage as well.

The National Council of Resistance has significantly promoted the discussion on how to move forward after liberation with a particularly intelligent 10-point plan. This plan includes incredibly smart and excellent approaches. It is no coincidence that over 3,600 lawmakers from all free nations stand by your side. They support you, and their names, credibility, and signatures testify to that.

The situation in Iran is indeed very sad at the moment. Therefore, this wonderful event should serve as a sign that you will not relent, that the National Council of Resistance will not waver in its valuable work and that the people in Iran will not be defeated.

We want to send out encouragement, as Rita Süssmuth just said, to the brave people in Iran. We want to show them that we stand by their side and give them the certainty that together, we will succeed. Today, we have witnessed remarkable speakers, whom I never imagined I would share the same platform with. They are outstanding individuals. They have gathered and rallied these people. Together, we will achieve it. We fight together for a free Iran. We support you. You fight, preparing for the day when the regime is weakest, and I am delighted that in the very near future, we will meet in Tehran.