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Human Rights Records of Iran Is Referred to as a Black Stigma, Wrote State Run Website


NCRI – On the passing anniversary of Khomeini, States media are confessing that, during the presidential election show, the massacre issue of 1988 and Khomeini’s order for committing such crime came more than ever to the attention and judgement of public.

Emphasizing that the decision for massacre of the PMOI members by Khomeini regime was necessary the state run media ‘Tonocabon’ wrote on June 4th, 2017: “In the election marathon, the decree of Khomeini became a victim by a number of candidates and gave reason to enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran” up again to be trumpet “by the opponents and enemies of the revolution and the Islamic republic”.

This State run media reported: “They recall, the event of executions as a black stain record of human rights”, and “in fact they have targeted the destruction of Khomeini and the Islamic Republic’s ideological roots of absolute clerical rule”. Then, this state run media reminds parts of the criminal order of Khomeini sentence for the massacre of 1988:

Khomeini’s decree is reading such: “Whoever, in all over the prisons around the country are insisting on their belief and ideology, are enemies of God and should be executed……. pettiness to ones fighting God is simplistic, the Islamic system is undeniable, hope their revolutionary anger and hatred towards the enemies of Islam draw satisfaction of Almighty Allah”.

Years are passing on the event of 1988 and many angles of Khomeini’s criminal action in dealing with (MEK) have been revealed, but after 28 years, the audio cassette of Ayatollah Montazeri about the subject of his criticism of the executions of 1988 in the presence of several officials of judicial and intelligence is released. The opponents and enemies of the revolution and the Islamic republic have again trumpeted the event. Although the enemies of executions event consider it as a precedent black stain of Human Rights in Iran, referring to the History shows, this determination was one of Khomeini’s brightest historical measures, that appeasement and expediency with which could have consequences too heavy for the future of regime.