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Iran-disinformation: Mullahs spending millions against People’s Mojahedin

Dirk Claes, member of Belgian ParliamentNCRI, November 17 – Several parliamentarians from Belgium took part in a rally in Brussels to give their support to the Iranian Resistance and call for referral of the Iranian regime’s nuclear file to the UN Security Council. Mr. Dirk Claes, a long standing supporter of the People’s Mojhedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), the main opposition to the mullahs’ regime, was particularly concerned about the regime’s disinformation campaign against the PMOI when he addressed the 35,000 Iranians in the rally. The following is the full text of his speech:
I have come here today to declare my support for the Iranian people and their Resistance.
The people inside Iran are longing for change. At such a time the West should be supporting those who are struggling to bring about democratic change in Iran. It should not label such people as terrorists. Mojahedin are a democratic movement and not one that deserves the terrorist label.
The People’s Mojahedin are the catalyst for a democratic change. They are the principle resistance to the mullahs. The regime has massacred over 120,000 of their members, but they continue to resist oppression.
I call upon the Council of Europe to remove the unjust tag on the Mojahedin, which is affecting all the Iranian people. I also call upon the Council of Europe to refer Iran’s nuclear file to the Security Council. Europe should  give its full support and backing to Mrs. Rajavi in efforts to bring about true change and democracy to Iran.
I was among the 260 Members of Parliament who signed that joint statement in support of today’s rally. Our Ministers should pay attention to the message of this great rally today.
Finally I would like to say a few words about the Iranian regime’s activities against the People’s Mojahedin. The mullahs are spending millions for their propaganda against the Mojahedin, especially against the 4000 Mojahedin members in Iraq who are in Camp Ashraf. This big campaign against the Iranian Resistance shows that the mullahs regard the Mojahedin as their only serious threat and enemy.
Therefore we should all give our backing to this resistance to bring about a democratic state in Iran in the near future.