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Iran-Opposition: Ayatollahs’ ploys against PMOI unveiled

Dr. Ali SafaviNCRI – Mullahs’ disinformation campaign against the Iranian Resistance, an umbrella organization for Iranian opposition groups including the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, was unveiled in a major convention of Iranians in Amsterdam on December 7. Several parliamentarians from European countries and human rights activists as well as groups of Iranian communities with some experience of the clerical regime’s campaign exposed the intentions of the fundamentalist regime in Iran with its ominous campaign.
Dr. Ali Safavi, a member of the panel gave a detailed report of the clerical regime’s conspiracies in his remarks to the gathering. Following is the full text of his speech:
In the past two-and- half years, the Iranian Resistance was subjected to major blows. It was dragged into a war in which it played no role and took no one’s side. In the context of a deal between the Iranian regime and the coalition forces, particularly the US and the UK, the resistance’s bases were heavily bombarded. Subsequently, its camps and much of its resources were either looted or seized. Some 50 Resistance members were killed and hundreds wounded. Under pressure of the Iranian regime, the Resistance forces were disarmed.
Each of these blows were sufficient to destroy any movement. Yet, the June 17 raid by 1,300 French policemen against NCRI headquarters in Paris was still in the wings. French officials were openly saying that the raid was conducted to destroy the Resistance’s organizational structure.
As such, 10 different countries were in collaboration with the Iranian regime in exerting pressure and attacking us with the stated objective of destroying the People’s Mojahedin as a viable opposition organization. Tehran has invested heavily on this. In similar cases, elsewhere, many movements have been destroyed due to much lesser difficulties.
But, owing to the correct strategic guidelines and policies formulated by the Resistance’s leadership, as well as the perseverance of those in Ashraf City, none of this devastating blows succeeded in destroying the resistance. Despite their schemes, the mullahs failed to achieve their objectives. For the sake of brevity, I do not get into details about the recognition of the PMOI status by the Multi-National force and subsequent developments.
Nevertheless, as the Iranian regime considered the PMOI as its number one enemy and a threat to its existence, it does not stop its conspiracies. In short, now, the regime has focused on a propaganda war, a psychological warfare against the PMOI. It is trying to create a situation of pacifism and hopelessness in the organization and to destroy it from within.
For your information, in just one month, it published more than 600 articles against the PMOI in different Intelligence Ministry websites. Based on the regime’s figures, after the war in Iraq, the MOIS organized and sent more than 1,600 families to Ashraf. Under pressure of the MOIS, and some in direct collusion with the MOIS, these families were putting pressure on their children in Ashraf to go back to Iran. Once at Ashraf, however, most families recognized the depth of the MOIS scheme and exposed them, calling on their children to persevere.
In addition, the regime held hundreds of meeting and conferences under various pretexts and disseminated misinformation, published books and leaflets and sent them to governments, parties, international agencies and members of parliament who support the organization.
Since two years ago, PMOI representatives signed an agreement with the representatives of the coalition forces on the basis of which anyone who did not want to continue the struggle would be allowed to leave Ashraf. We told the coalition that these people should be allowed to go wherever they want. But the coalition had its own ideas, saying that other countries would not accept them.
In November 2003, a written agreement was signed with the PMOI and the coalition forces in which it was stipulated that as far as the PMOI is concerned, anyone who wishes to leave the ranks of the resistance, he or she could do so. To this end, such people go to a Temporary Internment Facility, that is run by the US military.
Most of those who go to “TIF” are those who have reneged on their pledge to resist against the regime and take refuge with the foreigners. They try to slander the PMOI to convince the Americans to send them abroad. Others offer their services to the regime. Americans are now acknowledging that in order to obtain information from the repented members, they were giving them false hopes of sending them abroad.
A number of these people went to Iran under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross. At the same time, the MOIS expanded its presence and influence in TIF, through the relatives of those who had gone there or through its own agents. They even employed the services of Iranian and Afghan translators who worked for the Americans. The regime even employed some Iraqi drivers who were transferring food to TIF to work as their contact persons.  Others were trying to recruit those in TIF from abroad. The regime was pursuing two objectives. It has tried to take a number of these people to Iran and brief them for its misinformation campaign. It is also trying to buy the services of others in TIF, so that once they are sent abroad, they could have some credibility.
To this end, TIF has become a roaming ground for the MOIS. Its website wrote in November, “The presence of the camp of those who have defected next to Ashraf is the Achilles’ heal that promotes demoralization and pacifism among the Mojahedin.”
It is clear that anyone who wants to go to TIF could do so freely. But it must be clear that turning one’s back to the resistance and breaking one’s pledge under such difficult circumstances is treacherous and shameful. But going to TIF and under foreign control for those who cannot continue the struggle is doubly disgraceful and treacherous.
We have already said that TIF is the roaming ground for the MOIS and have paid a heavy political price. But the issue is very serious. The regime is using this facility to undermine Ashraf. We cannot and should not remain silent.
Nevertheless, the heavy bombings and all the conspiracies and back channel deals and Western collusion with Tehran failed to break the resolve of the combatants of freedom and destroy this resistance movement. In the past three years, from behind the dark clouds and in the midst of the storm in a country that is engulfed in war, Ashraf City and the combatants of Iran’s freedom have remained steadfast, owing to the command and leadership of the PMOI’s Leadership Council and Ms. Parsai and Hosseini, former and current Secretary Generals of the PMOI.
The day to uproot this regime and all its factions with the help of this resistance and the Iranian people is drawing nearer.