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Iran-U.S.: “Mullahs’ regime out of UN” – New York demonstrators

Iranians rally in front of the UN headquartersNCRI, November 2 – In protest to recent belligerent remarks by mullahs’ president Ahmadinejad, supporters of the Iranian Resistance staged a rally in front the UN Headquarters in New York on Tuesday, November 1.

Demonstrators carried banners which called for Iranian regime’s expulsion from the UN and removal of the main Iranian opposition group, People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, from the list of U.S. State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organizations.
A number of anti-terrorist and human rights organizations expressed their support to the Iranian Resistance and the rally by sending delegations to the event.
 the UN headquartersIn a message to the participants, Rabi Daniel Zucker from New York expressed his solidarity with Iranian people and the National Council of Resistance of Iran as the only viable alternative to the ruling fundamentalist regime in Iran.
Protestors also called for referral of the Mullahs’ nuclear file to the UN Security Council and imposition of an oil embargo as the main source of funding terrorism by the Iranian regime.