Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Move Liberty residents to US or Ashraf, former New York mayor Guiliani demands

NCRI – Camp Liberty is a concentration camp where the residents have been abandoned by the US, the United Nations and its Iraqi envoy Martin Kobler, former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani has told a conference in Paris.

The Iranian dissidents needed urgent protection, and should all be moved to safety – and even taken to America – immediately, he said.

Mr Guiliani also branded new Iranian president Hassan Rohani a ‘killer’ with ‘blood on his hands’.

He said: “I said two years ago that Camp Liberty was going to be a concentration camp and worse, a killing field. I am very, very sad to say that I’ve turned out to be correct.

It’s a place where people are killed without any regard for dignity, human life, or decency. People abandoned by the United Nations and even worse, abandoned by my country, the United States, that promised them protection. Shame on the United Nations. Shame on Martin Kobler.

And shame on all of those who promised protection and are now refusing to give it. Shame on all of you!

“I believe that the most honourable thing to do would be to take all those people who are now at Liberty and bring them to the United States of America immediately!

“But since we’ve abandoned decency and honesty, then I believe that only practical thing to do is to return them immediately to Camp Ashraf where they can protect themselves since we can’t seem to protect them.”

And addressing the residents of Liberty, he added: “We admire your courage. We admire your love of freedom. We admire your love of country. We admire you greatly. And when the day comes and it will come, that Iran is a free country again, that Iran is a decent country again, that Iran is allowed to live up to its great history, when that day comes, you, the people in Liberty and Ashraf, you will be the mothers and the fathers of freedom.”

Mr Guiliani said said he believed it was inevitable that Iran would build nuclear weapons, adding: “The election of Hassan Rowhani brings it in my view closer rather than further away.

“The propaganda machine describing him as a reformer is hideous. This man is no reformer. All the candidates in this prior election were approved by Ayatollah Khomeini.

“He wouldn’t have been approved if he were truly a moderate, whatever that means. Rowhani served on the supreme national security council since 1991. He has been one of its most important members. He was a personal representative of the present Ayatollah.

“Do you know how many people have been slaughtered? Do you know how many people have been killed? Do you know how many people have been tortured? And do you know how many people have been imprisoned while he has sat for 16 years on that council? Thousands and thousands and thousands of people. The blood of those people are on Rowhani’s hands. He is no reformer. He is a killer!
He is a murderer! Wake up!

“He sat on that council in 1993, in August of 1993, when the council approved killing what turned out to be over 80 Jewish people and injuring over 800 other people in Argentina, because Argentina refused to supply Iran with nuclear material.

“According to the Argentinian prosecutor, Mr. Rowhani was part of that decision, was a critical part of that decision. The blood of those 80 people and the 800 people that were slaughtered in Argentina is on Rowhani’s hands!”

And Mr Guiliani said the hope hope for a free Iran now lay with resistance leader Maryam Rajavi.

He added: “It lies with you, with Madame Maryam Rajavi, with the MEK (PMOI), with people who believe in freedom, with people who believe in democracy, with people who believe in a non-nuclear Iran.

“I conclude by speaking directly to the people at Ashraf and Liberty. We love you. We only hope and we wish that we had the strength and courage that you have, but our admiration for you is endless. God bless you and God will lead us to a free and a decent Iran because of you, the people of Ashraf and because of you and Madame Rajavi.”