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Mullahs’ Cyber Army Against the PMOI/MEK and the Iranian Resistance Under Various Names, Namely “RESTART”, From Mashhad, Tabriz, Yazd and Tehran

Iran' Cyber Army With Thousands of Tweets Against the PMOI/MeK


Pursuant to a message by the US Secretary of State calling on Iranians to share their questions and desires on the social media, the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and the Revolutionary Guards mobilized their forces inside and outside Iran to spread misinformation against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran(PMOI/MeK) and the Iranian Resistance.

Thousands of Tweets and comments against the PMOI/MEK and the Iranian Resistance were posted on Thursday afternoon, 17 January 2019, through midnight under various names, namely “RESTART”. As an example, the attached document shows 2100 Tweets and Retweets against the PMOI/MeK produced by the regime’s troll factory in Mashhad, Tabriz, Yazd and Tehran on Thursday.

In this disgraceful mobilization some well recognized quotes by the regime appear along “#Restart_ Opposition” hashtag under various hashtags such as “#Iranians_hate_PMOI” and “#no_to_ Mojahedin _e_khalq”.

In this dirty campaign some IPs in the US and Europe, such as Spain and Germany, have been used to hide the origin.

The background of RESTART with its operator Mohammad Hosseini is widely known. He first started in the regime’s state-run TV and then joined the so-called Green Movement nurtured by Khamenei. He later appeared in the UAE and Cyprus and finally in the US. The video clip of his interview in August 2013 with some TV station in Los Angeles is available on the internet. He explicitly states that the agents of the regime’s Intelligence Ministry approached him “courteously” in the UAE and in a meeting suggested to him to launch a TV programme. He was told, “We will provide you with some news that would serve your interest. You will also be able to swear at us. If you have character problem, we will fix it for you. We will give you news that you also find in other TVs of this kind here. Then gave me some names but I did not see any documents. For instance, they gave a name who is on their payroll and named a TV who is funded by them. They told me, ‘Hosseini, you either take this money from us… or we use tenth of this money to obstruct your success. Make your decision. You will set up the TV that will be publicized. Its system is available and we will give you the news which are all critical [of the regime]’.” (

National Council of Resistance of Iran
Security and Counterterrorism Committee
19 January 2019