Thursday, January 14, 2021
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Ongoing MEK Resistance Units Activities: Their Impact on Iran’s Society and the Regime 

The MEK’s Resistance Units in Iran

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has published many footages of activities of its “Resistance Units” and those of defiant youth within the last days. These activities, amid the coronavirus outbreak and the regime’s increasing oppressive measures, spread message of hope and resistance among people and keep the flame of resistance ablaze. Their activities have very much terrified the regime’s officials.  

The MEK’s Resistance Units and supporters commemorated the victims of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners and newly executed political prisoner, Mostafa Salehi, across the country by writing graffiti and posting banners. While paying tribute to the over 30,000 slain martyrs of the 1988 massacres, the MEK’s Resistance Units called for justice and the prosecution of the perpetrators of this heinous crime, who currently hold top positions in the regime. They also echoed the call by Iranian opposition President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi on the international community to start an independent investigation about this massacre and end the impunity of the regime’s officials.  

In another development within the past days, defiant youth in several Iranian cities targeted the regime’s centers of repressionwhich plunder the nation’s resources and export terrorism. They also torched a number of banners of the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, and the mullahs’ eliminated terror mastermind Qassem Soleimani 

These actions are being done while the regime’s forces are on utmost alert. 

The spread and continuality of the Resistance Units and defiant youth has terrified the regime’s officials. The Friday prayers leader of Rasht in Gilan province, northern Iran, on July 31 said: “The MEK is the most important enemy of the Islamic Republic.” “The solution to counter the enemy’s tricks is to avoid and prevent any action that agitates the society.”  

The Friday prayers imam of Natanz said: “[The MEK] want to harm our social wealth such as the Supreme Leader [Ali Khamenei] and the Guardian Council, and the [MEK] are seeking public protests.” 

Varamin’s Friday prayers imam said: “Another thing the [MEK] does to harm the national wealth and the Supreme Leader is to create public unrest and distrust [toward the regime] and decrease hope and open up social wounds.  

Why the mullahs’ regime fears the MEK 

Along with over 40 years of struggle for freedom in Iran, the MEK’s leading role, particularly the role of the Resistance Units, during the nationwide Iran protests in November 2019 has terrified the regime.  

The Iranian society is explosive. The Iranian regime’s institutionalized corruption and misuse of national wealth for funding terrorism abroad, ongoing domestic oppression and now its mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis, which continues to take lives across Iran, has further pushed the Iranian society to the verge of revolution.  

The regime’s state-run media and officials have been constantly warning about a possible uprising.  

The state-run Ebtekar daily on Thursday wrote: “These hollow promises will one day frustrate the society. Then, it will find no other way but to rise up.”  

The state-run Keyhan daily, known as Khamenei’s mouthpiece, while referring to the contradictory economic decision of the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, on Thursday wrote: “Are officials thinking about the consequences of their remarks? Or this is also because of sanctions?”  

Many of the Government’s decisions are not expert, and for this lack of expertise, we have paid heavy costs, such as the November 2019 [uprising] and the rising fuel cost, which weakened the entire ruling system.” 

The nationwide Iran protests in November, with the Resistance Units at their forefront, rattled the regime’s foundation. Although the mullahs were able to temporarily quell the society by killing over 1500 people and carrying out mass arrests, they know the situation has changed and this explosive society awaits only a spark to explode.  

The regime’s rising oppressive measures, even its deliberate inaction in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak and using it to pacify the restive Iranian society, are only meant to prevent another major uprising.  

Therefore, the activities of the MEK’s Resistance Units and defiant youth play a significant role in keeping the flame of resistance alit and thwarting the regime from silencing the voice of protesters and their righteous demands. As a result, protests are continuing across Iran by all walks of life, with protesters identifying the regime as the real source of all economic and social problems.