Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sort out Iran

Sort out Iran  The Sun – Useless Europe has finally asked the UN to denounce Iran. It is too late.
While the EU wasted three crucial years, Tehran’s malevolent mullahs have taken irreversible strides towards building a nuclear bomb.
It blatantly exports global terror and threatens to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.

Asking the UN Security Council to step in is pointless. China and Russia will block it.

The only option for the West, short of war, is to support the Iranian people who loathe their extremist leaders.

This benighted nation is young, intelligent and pro-western. Yet men routinely face torture and execution, while girls are raped and sold off as part of a hideous slave trade.

Meanwhile, the EU has stupidly labelled the only effective internal opposition, the PMOI, as terrorists.

The PMOI has never targeted the West. It publicly ceased attacks on the Iranian military in 2001.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw must today demand EU action to lift this crazy ban.

And stop appeasing a regime that aims to hold the Arab and Western world at nuclear gunpoint.