Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Stop Iran’s export of terrorism, fundamentalism to Iraq – Houston seminar

Houston seminarNCRI – “The recent political purge in Iran and the insanity of Ahmadinejad’s policy is a testament to the fact that the clerical regime felt threatened and could no longer maintain the 16-year political equilibrium with deceptive pretenses of moderation and reform under Rafsanjani and Khatami,” said Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in her message to a seminar in Houston, Texas, on December 18.
“The mullahs have but one option left and that is to embark on adventurism marked by their nuclear ambitions and meddling in Iraq, with which they hope to blackmail the international community and put a lid on their internal problems,” she added and reiterated: “This of course is a sign that the regime is on its last legs because it will inevitably have to pay dearly for this course of action.”
The Houston seminar was organized by Iranian communities in Texas entitled, “Stop mullahs’ export of terrorism and fundamentalism to Iraq – Support the Iranian Resistance in Ashraf city, Iraq.”
The seminar was intended to address the growing concerns among Americans and Iranian communities over the clerical regime’s expansionist ambitions in the region and in particular Iraq. Families of residents in Ashraf city (previously Camp Ashraf) in the U.S. were concerned of mullahs’ terrorist plots against Ashraf, the bastion of anti-fundamentalist forces, the main obstacle to mullahs’ ominous intentions in Iraq.
In their messages of solidarity to the seminar, two Democratic members of the Congress, Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee, renewed their support to the Iranian Resistance and condemned Iranian regime’s interference in Iraqi affairs and specially the parliamentary elections in December.
John Gibs, congressional assistance to Congressman Green raised concerns over deteriorating human rights situation in Iran and said that the Iranian regime and those who benefit from it want us to believe that efforts to change the regime in Iran is an act of interference in that country. He reminded the participants of a proposal by Mrs. Rajavi for regime change through Iranian people and their resistance and gave his support to this proposal as a guarantee for establishment of democracy in Iran.
Jackson Lee’s message also expressed concern over the plight of women in Iran whose rights are being grossly violated.
Other speakers to the seminar included Ms. Mary Castle, an economist and George Hernandez, a human rights activist. Ms. Mahboubeh Qureyshi delivered a message by families of PMOI members in Ashraf and described the city as the “symbol of freedom and democracy for future Iran.”
At the end of the seminar Mr. Gholam Kamandar from the Iranian-American communities in Texas read out the resolution adopted by the participants.