Monday, June 27, 2022
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The Human Rights Watch report serves Iranian regime to further stifle any dissen

ImageUS Congressman Lacy Clay of Missouri wrote a letter on June 2nd to the director of Human Rights Watch, describing its report as a service to the Iranian regime to further stifle any dissent. In his letter to the New York based organization, Mr. Clay wrote: "I wish to add my voice to those who have expressed concerns about a recent HRW report regarding several anonymous individuals, who claim to be former members of the Iranian Mujahedeen (MEK), and who have made claims that they were mistreated by that organization. It is my understanding that the MEK has been the main opponent of the Iranian regime and that the great majority of those who have been imprisoned and executed by the Iranian regime have been members and supporters of the MEK. It has been suggested by some that this report may effectively support Tehran’s efforts to stifle dissent and undermine the Iranian people’s struggle to establish a democratic government."
Mr. Clay added in his letter: "I believe that Human Rights Watch should be concerned with the state sanctioned human rights violations in Iran and should be careful not to be used to discredit the voice of Iranian dissent.
Charges have been raised about the methodology used for this HRW report and whether there was the kind of corroboration and face to face contact that would give credibility to the claims. If there is evidence to support legitimate allegations of wrongdoing at camp Ashraf, those making these charges should come forth and the MEK members at camp Ashraf should have the opportunity to respond to the charges.