Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Iran State Media and Officials Describe Society as An “Explosive Brew” 


Iran, under the ruling theocracy, is characterized by a stagnant economy, pervasive corruption, and political repression. While every now and then, major protests erupt across the country due to the country’s economic crunch and social crises, Iran’s state media continue warning about a nationwide uprising. 

Iran’s state media acknowledge parts of Iran’s current crises, such as the massive brain drain, extreme poverty, and rising social harms like suicides. 

hamdeli-daily-iran-Sep2022“A government that fails to keep and help its gifted citizens naturally faces a massive brain drain. The unemployment statistics are a testament to this fact. In recent years, particularly in the last decade, [the state] has failed to provide adequate jobs for university graduates with high levels of education. Working as taxi drivers, workers, and low-level office workers, makes a highly educated youth familiar with the harsh social and economic realities,” wrote the state-run Hamdeli daily on September 14.  

While Iranian experts immigrate from the country due to the unbearable conditions, students who could be part of Iran’s future cannot continue their studies due to the generally poor economic situation.  

“Nowadays, people worry about the expensive upcoming school year. While many complain about the expensive stationery, many families face serious challenges to pay the enrolling and uniform fees, and buying books,” Ebtekar daily wrote on September 15. 

resalat-daily-iran-Sep2022“According to the provinces’ general directors of education and training, the trend of dropping out of school has been upward compared to the past,” Resalat daily acknowledged on September 15.  

Instead of helping people, the Iranian regime and its current president continue their speech therapy and make hollow promises while digging their hands deeper into people’s pockets by imposing high taxes.  

“Taxes are the government’s most important source of revenue. Although we have seen an increase in the share of taxes in the country’s annual budget over the past few years, Ebrahim Raisi’s government has imposed and increased taxes on all classes. The government’s new tax policy is not only worrying for small businesses, but it can also be worrying for ordinary citizens,” the state-run Jahan-e Sanat daily wrote on September 12.  

On one hand, the regime increases taxes, and on the other hand, rejects raising people’s salaries.  

jahane-sanat-daily-iran-Sep2022“The Planning and Budget Organization increased retirees’ pension and workers’ salaries by only 10%, claiming raising salaries more would create inflation! In other words, they tell people to ‘starve.’ This is how the government acts while prices of consumer goods have doubled, and people’s purchasing power reduced to one-third,” the state-run Mardom Salari daily acknowledged on September 13.  

“With these excuses, officials only decreased people’s purchasing power. Red meat consumption decreased to under 3 kg per capita a year. Besides, the prices of chicken, eggs, oil, and rice have tripled. Dairy products, vegetables, and fruits remain rotten in shops as people cannot afford them.”  

“This is how a nation senses poverty and humiliation while it has 9% of the global wealth with only 0.5% of the world’s population,” Mardom Salari acknowledged.

By increasing social and economic problems, officials only add fuel to the fire and strengthen the probability of another nationwide uprising.  

armane-emrouz-daily-iran-Sep2022“We are facing individuals who have nothing to lose, prompting them to do anything to meet their objectives,” Arman-e Emrooz daily, September 14.  

“I am making an official announcement… we have reached the end of the road, meaning we are completely cut off from the people and the people have lost all hope in us. We have reached the very end. We are forced to push through our measures by resorting to force,” Rasul Montajabnia, a former top official, warned on September 12.  

“[Raisi] has not fulfilled any of his promises… in fact, [Raisi]’s measures have rendered a complete disappointment among the people regarding [regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini], the revolution, and the entire state. The truth is, the people are voicing their anger and expressing it in their actions. If you don’t believe me, provide freedom to the people for just one day and see what they will do!”