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Brief introduction of 3 Iranian regime’s nuclear experts who recently were placed on the US sanction list.

NCRI :The statements on Dec. 13, 2012 by the US State Department website says: “press release – today the State Department and the Treasury Department pursuant to executive order 13382 imposed sanctions against 5 individuals and 7 Iranian companies for proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

 These institutions and individuals were sanctioned because they provide the Iranian regime with goods, technology and services which enhances Iran’s capability in uranium enrichment or building a heavy water reactor. Both these activities are prohibited by the Security Council resolutions … “

According to this statement the individuals who were sanctioned against are:  Fereidoon Abbasi Davani, Seid Jaber Safdari, Morteza Ahmad Ali Behzad, Amirhossein Rahimyar, and Mohammad Reza Rezvanian Zadeh.

Who is Fereidoon Abbasi Davani?
Fereidoon Abbasi Davani has been Ahmadinejad deputy and head of Iran’s atomic energy organization since 2011.  His records are as following:
Name: Fereidoon Abbasi Davani
Father’s name: Mohammad Hossien
Date and place of birth: 1958 in Khoozestan
Marital status: Married, has two children, resides in Tehran
Education: Nuclear engineering

Fereidoon Abbasi is a revolutionary guard and has been a member of IRGC since its establishment in 1979. He was present and participated in Iran-Iraq war and after the cease-fire while he remained a member of IRGC, he continued his education in Amir Kabir University and faculty of physics in Mashhad University for a PHD degree. He was graduated in 1992 and got a PHD degree in 2000 form the Tehran university faculty of engineering.
Fereidoon Abbasi’s doctorine thesis was on Target and Detection under the guidance of late Dr. Rahim Koohi, head of physics department at the University of Mashhad.
Since 1993 Fereidoon Abbasi has been a member of scientific board of faculty of physics in Imam Hossein University and then became head of the faculty of physics. At the same time he started nuclear research in the ministry of defense.
Fereidoon Abbasi is a leading expert in the modern defensive nuclear technology research center and together with Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is one of the founders of regime’s nuclear engineering. He is known to be the second nuclear scientist and expert after Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. He played a role in all enrichment works form set up and production of centrifuges to enrichment cycle in Natanz. He is considered to be a rare person in all enrichment activities. He also has an active role in nuclear engineering.
After disclosure by the Iranian Resistance of the role of IRGC Imam Hossein university in nuclear activity and exposing Fereidoon Abbasi and Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the nuclear activities were transferred from Imam Hossein University to Beheshti University and Fereidoon Abbasi started working there as a professor and continued his activities on nuclear project.
Who is Morteza Ahmad Ali Behzad?
Morteza Ahmad Ali Behzad is the highest executive expert in manufacturing and assembly of P1, P2, P4 and other centrifuges.
Morteza Ahmad Ali Behzad is a member of board of  nuclear industry supply limited (Stico). This company provides equipment needed for nuclear cycle and production of centrifuges and its registration number is 267335.  Reza Aghazadeh is the president of the board and Haleh Bakhtiar is vice-president and general manager of this company. The company’s members of the board include Jafar Mohammadi, Morteza Behzad, Mohsen Sarkho, Amir Moayed Alaee, Mehdi Keywan, and Ms. Haleh Bakhtiar.
Morteza Behzad who worked as a centrifuge expert and manufacturing VP in “Kala Electric” and “Pars Tarash” companies, continues his work in “Tesa” company. All “Kala Electric” and “Pars Tarash” personnel and technology were transferred to the new company. Morteza Behzad’s office in in Tesa Company. 
Who is Seid Jaber Safdari? 
Jaber Safdari is the chairman of advanced technology office and deputy of advanced technology in the “new energy company.”  In August 24, 2006 Mr. Mohadessin, the chairman of foreign affairs committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in disclosing the secret project called “Shams” exposed Jaber Safdari and Morteza Ahmad Ali Behzad in this project. Mr. Mohadessin said: “Since 2 years ago, a secret project named “Shams” under the supervision of Dr. Ghanadi, deputy of atomic energy department for nuclear fuel and P2 centrifuge manufacturing has started. At this time Dr. Faghihian head of nuclear fuel follows this project.”
Assembly of centrifuges in the “Shams” project is under the supervision of Dr. Safdari and address of the assembly place is: 2 to 3 kilometer in Tehran-Damavand road, situated in a bystreet two or three niches wide…
In addition to the Shams secret project, since about one year ago “Iran centrifuge Technology Company” was established. they refer to this company among themselves as “Tesa” company which replaced the two companies “Pars Tarash and Farayand Technique”  that were disclosed to the international atomic energy agency. The “Tesa” company works on assembly and installation of P1 and P2 centrifuges.
In august 2005, Mohammad Khatami, Iranian regime’s President at the time, gave a state badge and award to 28 elites and notables in scientific, administrative, cultural and artistic fields. Among them was Jabar Safdari form the regime’s atomic energy organization who received 3rd degree research badge.
According to the state run news agency ILNA report, in August 27, 2006 Ahmadinejad gave a state badge to 14 elites in nuclear technology and Jaber Safdari who was a member of the scientific board of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization and uranium technology received a second degree management and merit badge.