Friday, October 7, 2022
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Iran: Longshoremen continue to work over 80

NCRI – Thousands of longshoremen are working hard for over 40 years have less than 10 years of medical insurance in Imam Khomeini Port, situated in northwest of Persian Gulf. Nematollah Mohammadi, the president of the longshoremen syndicate in the city told a labor news website, on Monday.

“A number of longshoremen, among the 1500 work force, continue to work while they are in their 80’s only to have medical insurance,” said he.

“Their pay is unfair.  They earn 310 Tomans (4USD) for every ton of off load.”

“Considering their working conditions and the hazards involved in the work place, many have suffered from mishaps causing them serious disabilities without having appropriate health insurance,” added Mohammadi.

Citing reduction in workers’ wages to monthly 50,000 Tomans (50USD) during the period of low traffic at the ports, he said: The Social Benefits Organization is the main institution responsible for these violations of the rights of the longshoremen throughout the country.