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Iran Regime MP: The Crisis in Lake Urmia Endangers the Lives of 12 Million People

NCRI – The Iranian MP, Rouhollah Hazratpour in an interview with the state-run media on June 5, 2017, stated, “The statistics revealed on Lake Urmia totally differ from what the inhabitants experience in the largest desertification center of the country.”

Rouhollah Hazratpour expressed concern about this issue as well as its potentiality to become a security crisis for the regime. He added, “I want to notify Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) of a major crisis that has endangered the lives of more than 12 million people. How do the officials report on the process of drying Lake Urmia while its size changed from 2517 square kilometer in July 2016 to 2288 square kilometer in July of this year?”

He noted, “The officials talk about the water conversion control and the 7-cm natural reduction of the water level in the summer season while the summer season has just started in the area and the water level of the lake is 20 cm evaporated. Be sure, the water level will fall by 50 cm in late August.”