Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Iran: Street vendors protest in Ahwaz

NCRI – Street vendors in south western city of Ahwaz staged a gathering in front of the governorate to protest against removal of their sale stalls and not allocating a new place to them. They called on the regime’s officials to address their situation and designate a new location for them as their sales stalls.

A representative of the vendors who attended the gathering said: “It has been eight months since they collected and removed street vendors and they were supposed to designate new vending areas and allocate them sales stalls, but they still have not done anything and we are in limbo.”

He said that vending is the only source of income and livelihood for these people and emphasized: “Vendors of the city center are ready to cooperate with any plan to designate new vending areas on the condition of allocating proper sales stalls to them.”

Another vendor who was present in the protest gathering said: “We have been jobless for several months and have no income which has put a lot of financial pressure on us such that we did not pay our rent for several months and did not even enroll our children in school.”

He criticized the Ahwaz municipal enforcement officers dealing with street vendors and said: “These agents act in a manner as if they are faced with a handful of offenders and criminals, while the street vendors are working to earn a living.”