Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Iran: Ties and bow-ties banned

NCRI – Chief of State Security Forces (SSF), Yadollah Hosseini announced that wearing tie and bow-ties are banned in northern province of Gilan, according to State-owned ‘Shomal News’ website. 

"We have issued a directive to all wholesalers and retailers warning them against importing or selling such items," said Hosseini.

"We are combating the immorality in the society. Narcotics division in the SSF is busy fighting bootleg liquor distribution. Stopping anti-cultural items from hitting the shelves is another change; the SSF is engaged in a mop up operation to clean the society," he added.

Hosseini elaborated on the SSF’s past year record in combating "mal-veiling" by giving citations in 5,637 cases and making 584 arrests in Gilan.