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Iranian regime’s parliamentarian: it’s shameful that the students in city of Izeh study in animal shelters


NCRI – Iranian regime’s Member of Parliament from southern city of Izeh and Baghmelk, while pointing to the plight of schools in some of the villages of Izeh, said: “it’s worrying that after 37 years from the revolution, the students of these towns have to study in animal shelters.”

According to “Tasnim” news agency (September 12), during his visit from “Sabzi” and “Seyed Khedr”, Hedayatollah Khademi said in his speech for the people of these villages:”These villages are lacking amenities. 30 years ago, I had a trip to Sabzi which at the time was a very beautiful village with abundant paddies. Unfortunately, villagers have now lost those paddies due to water shortages.”

Pointing to the current situation in “Seyed Khedr” village, Khademi said: “When I arrived in this village, I noticed the highest level of inefficiency. Several families are living in this place and you can hear deprivation shouting.”

This member of regime’s parliament added:”When I visited the school in this village, I saw two places used for keeping animals. I noticed that one of them was dedicated to be used as a classroom. This is worrying, the fact that after more than30 years from the revolution we see such places used for education in the country.”

He added:” There are many areas and villages that have these same problems while nothing has been done for them in recent years.”

Khademi then addressed regime’s Minister of Education and said: “what is the reason behind the fact that students in Khuzestan province have to study in animal shelters? Is it the same in other cities of Iran? How much setting up a conex to be used as a classroom for students is going to cost the Ministry? If only one millionth of these payrolls and embezzlements taking place in the country was dedicated to  Izeh and Baghmelk, then we would definitely see these cities prospering.”

He then continued:”I wonder where I should shout about this injustice. Why do the officials pay no attention to this town?”