Monday, June 27, 2022
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Iran: Pressure on political prisoners in Zahedan prison

NCRI – Prison officials in the Central Prison of south eastern city of Zahedan  have intensified their inhumane pressures on their political prisoners.

According to reports from Zahedan’s Central Prison, number of prisoners kept in ward 3 of this prison is several times its capacity so that most of the prisoners sleep on the floor. Political prisoners in this ward are kept next to the dangerous ones. The situation in ward 3 is so inhumane that the prisoners in other wards are sent into exile to this ward which is known as the “Exile Ward” among prisoners.

There are 11 cells in this ward, all of them full of prisoners. Its toilets and bathrooms are worn-out and useless so the prisoners have to spend a long time in the queue before they can use them. In addition to the bathrooms being worn-out, there is no hot water during the day so that it’s not possible for the prisoners, especially the elderly and sick ones, to bath.

On the other hand, prison food quality as a whole and especially in ward 3 is so bad that it’s not possible for the prisoners to eat it. The bread given to prisoners is not fully cooked and the other meals are so low-quality that the prisoners throw it in the trash after they receive it.

Hygiene status in the prison is catastrophic. Rations of shampoo and other hygienic products has been cut off. Political prisoners don’t have access to medicine and medical services. This is especially true for political prisoners who need to be hospitalized outside the prison as the investigators connected to the Ministry of Intelligence prevent their being hospitalized and treated.