Afghanistan attacks Iran link

the Sun – BRITISH troops in Afghanistan are being targeted by weapons supplied by IRAN, Defence Secretary Des Browne has said.

Militant elements of Iran’s regime have been behind deadly attacks on UK forces in Iraq, supplying mortars, rockets and roadside bombs to insurgents around Basra.

Now evidence suggests they are also operating secretly in Afghanistan.

Mr Browne told the Commons Defence Committee: “They have sought confrontation by proxy with us, the US and other Nato members elsewhere in the region.

“There is some indication they are doing the same in Afghanistan.” 

But Mr Browne — keen to avoid a diplomatic row after the hostages crisis — also said Iran’s mainstream leaders had helped to cut off drug supply routes and financially aided the country.

The minister also said UK forces will stay in Afghanistan after 2009. Troop numbers are set to rise by 1,400 to 7,700.

THE body of Guardsman Simon Davison, 22, of Newcastle, shot dead in Afghanistan, was flown home yesterday.