Friday, December 1, 2023
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Assad Backed by IRGC Is the Main Part of the Problem and Not of the Solution


NCRI – The president of the National Coalition for Syrian Opposition Forces, Anas al-Abdah at the Munich Security Conference stated that the catastrophic situation in Syria will not change as long as Assad holds the power. In fact, Assad is the main part of the problem and not of the solution.”

The Arabic website of the Syrian National Coalition on February 20th carried the headline:”al-Abdah noted that the sovereignty of Bashar al-Assad has created an open space for terrorism and this trend continues.”

Anas al-Abdah added:”as long as Bashar al-Assad holds the power, the successful and effective strategy could not be formulated to fight terrorism. The Assad regime and his allies are committing war crimes in Syria every day. If the Iranian and Russians had not adopted the sectarian policies, the Assad regime could not have usurped the power.”

Anas al-Abdah demanded the new U.S. government to design a clear strategy towards the current situation in Syria. He also noted that the Free Syrian Army has fought against ISIS, the sectarian militias, and the Iranian regime more than any other party. Furthermore, he stressed that there is no difference between the disasters of beheading and the explosive barrels for the Syrians.

The President of the Syrian National Coalition continued:”we will go to Geneva to look for political solutions in order to make a political transition. I mean, the true political will to conduct fruitful talks making an orderly political transition based on Syrians’ will.”