Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Documents Acquired by NCRI Expose IRGC’s Dominance on Iran’s Mining Industry

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In a new episode of “Facts from Behind the Scenes,” broadcasted by Simaye Azadi, an Iranian opposition TV network, Mr. Hassan Nezamolmolki, discussed classified documents that shed light on the true nature of Khamenei’s agenda and the exploitation of Iran’s assets by the armed forces of the clerical regime. The document in focus is the summary of a so-called expert meeting of the Resistance Economy Headquarters of the General Staff of the regime’s Armed Forces. The document reveals the regime’s systematic looting and pillaging of Iran’s mines and industries under Khamenei’s direct supervision.

The document highlights the involvement of various entities, such as the regime’s army, IRGC, Basij, Ministry of Defense, and even the State Security Force (SSF), in implementing the Resistance Economy agenda. The latter is a synonym for systemic efforts to help evade international sanctions and enable the regime’s economic survival.

The document also specifies the areas where the armed forces should engage, covering various sectors of the country’s economy, including core industries like mines, petrochemicals, and refineries. It also mentions the need to incorporate advanced technologies in diverse areas.

The document also reveals that by privatizing assets and transferring them to entities affiliated with the IRGC, the regime maintains control and exploits resources for its own benefit. This top-down control hampers economic growth and prosperity, as sectors like tourism and national industries are tightly controlled, hindering progress.

The concept of the resistance economy extends to transnational activities, as seen in the document related to the regime’s communications with the governments of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus.

Overall, the documents demonstrated and explained in this program provide insight into the involvement of the regime’s armed forces in economic activities that serve to preserve their loyalty and support the regime’s oppressive apparatus.

Facts from Behind the Scenes: Iranian Resistance exposes IRGC's dominance on Iran's mining industry