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Iran: The Decision to Close Dr. Kazem Rajavi’s Assassination Case Justifies Crime Against Humanity

Iran: The decision to Close Dr. Kazem Rajavi’s assassination case justifies crime against humanity
Prof. Kazem Rajavi

In a letter to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)The Swiss government announced that the assassination case of Professor Kazem Rajavithe NCRI’s representative in Switzerland, who was gunned down by the Iranian regime’s terrorists, will be closed due to a statute of limitations This action will only embolden the terrorist regime ruling Iran and justify its crimes against humanity 

In his letter, the Prosecutor for Vaud Province in Switzerland had declared that consistent with Swiss law, their decision of closing ProfRajavi’s case, “cannot be appealed (Article 319 of item 3CPP). While naming 14 terrorists who have been prosecuted for their role in ProfRajavi’s assassination,  the Prosecutor has refrained from mentioning the names of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, then-Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati, and Hassan Rouhani, then-Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council and the regime’s current president, who commissioned and ordered the assassination. 

A crime against humanity cannot be subjected to the statute of limitations. The perpetrators of crimes against humanity during the World War II are still being prosecuted. Not holding criminals and terrorists to account is construed as a license to kill. The Iranian regime has never stopped its terrorism in Europe. The regime’s 2018 bomb plot against the NCRI’s annual “Free Iran” rally, in which hundreds of dignitaries and politicians and tens of thousands of supporters of a free Iran from Europe, including the Switzerland, and the United States participated, confirms this.  

In this regard, the Iranian Resistance in statement declared that it strongly protests and condemns the closure of the file on the assassination of Prof. Kazem Rajavi. It considers this decision an abject political deal similar to facilitating two of the arrested killers in France on December 21, 1993, escape justice. Terrorism and crime against humanity perpetrated relentlessly by the religious fascism ruling Iran cannot be subject to the statute of limitations. Seven bloodbaths and massacres against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) in camps Ashraf and Liberty (in Iraq), the arrest of the terrorist Assadollah Assadi who planned to bomb the grand gathering of Iranians on June 30, 2018, in France, and the expulsion of the regime’s ambassador and diplomat terrorists from Albania all attest to this reality.”  

“Invoking the statute of limitations regarding the file on the murder of Prof. Kazem Rajavi, a by-product of much delay and postponement amounts to nothing but preventing justice from being served and appeasing the mullahs and their unbridled terrorism. But the Iranian people will neither forgive nor forget,” the NCRI added.


ProfRajavi was gunned down on April 24, 1990in broad daylight by several agents of the Iranian regime’s notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) as he was driving to his home in Coppet, a village near Geneva. Prof. Rajavi was Iran’s first ambassador to the UN European headquarters after the 1979 revolution but joined the Iranian Resistance in 1981 following the regime’s clear violations of human rights and the beginning of the Resistance movement against the mullahs’ regime. Since then, until the last day of his life, he tirelessly defended human rights values and was the voice of the tortured political prisoners and Iranian Resistance’s martyrs in the international arena. His famous saying was: “We will write the history of human rights with our blood,” and so he did.  

As the Iranian Resistance has said, the Swiss Government and Judiciary must keep open Prof. Rajavi’s file. International arrest warrants must be issued for those who ordered and perpetrated this terrorist murder. Justice must be carried out.