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Prof. Vidal Quadras: Arrested Man Planned to Kill Me at Iran’s Behest


In a recent interview with Spain’s Cuatro TV, Professor Alejo Vidal-Quadras, a former vice-president of the European Parliament, confirmed the arrest of a suspect in the Netherlands who he declares is responsible for a shooting attempt on his life. This development is seen as a significant breakthrough in the case.

The suspect, 38-year-old Mehraz Ayyari, was apprehended by Dutch police on June 6 in Haarlem, near Amsterdam, while allegedly preparing for another politically motivated assassination. Vidal-Quadras emphasized the importance of this arrest, noting that if the police succeed in their interrogation, they may uncover who hired Ayyari, which could provide crucial information about the mastermind behind the attack.

“I already know who was behind this,” Vidal-Quadras stated. “It must be proven in court, but I am certain this was the work of the Iranian regime. The mullahs in Iran targeted me because of my support for the Iranian Resistance, which fights for democracy and freedom in Iran.”

Vidal-Quadras has been a vocal supporter of the Iranian Resistance, advocating for the establishment of democracy and liberty in a country that has long been deprived of both. He accused the Iranian regime of being particularly repressive, ruthless, and involved in terrorism and criminal activities. “This regime is a real threat to global peace and stability, not just in the Middle East but worldwide,” he said.

French newspaper Libération also reported on June 19 about the arrest, confirming that Spanish police had recently announced the apprehension of Ayyari in the Netherlands. He is suspected of attempting to assassinate Vidal-Quadras in early November.

Vidal-Quadras pointed out that this incident if proven in court, would make him the first European politician to be a victim of an assassination attempt backed by the Iranian regime. He confidently stated that Tehran was the main architect and financier of this attack.

“The Iranian regime is an expert in subcontracting, regularly employing criminal groups to eliminate dissidents abroad,” Vidal-Quadras added, highlighting the regime’s ongoing campaign against opposition figures worldwide.

The arrest of Mehraz Ayyari marks a pivotal moment in the investigation into the attempted assassination of Vidal-Quadras, potentially unveiling a broader network of state-sponsored terrorism orchestrated by Iran’s regime.