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Reuters’ Report Underlines Necessity of a Firm Action to Stop Iran Regime’s Threats

Reuters’ Report Underlines Necessity of a Firm Action to Stop Iran Regime’s Threats
Reuters’ Report Underlines Necessity of a Firm Action to Stop Iran Regime’s Threats

In a special report on Wednesday, Reuters revealed the Iranian regime’s secret project to produce aluminium powder for its missile program.  

At the edge of the desert in North Khorasan province in northeast Iran, near the country’s largest deposit of bauxite, sits an aluminium production complex that the government has publicly hailed as a key part of its efforts to boost output of the metal,” read the report 

As the Iranian people are grappling with poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic, the regime, instead of helping them, is wasting billions of dollars on its nuclear and missile programs.  

The report reveals that the Iranian regime “started producing the powder for military use more than five years ago, according to the former official, who from 2013 until 2018 was head of public relations and also parliamentary affairs envoy in the office of the vice president for executive affairs, which at the time oversaw some economic policies. The ex-official, Amir Moghadam, said he visited the little-known facility twice and that production was continuing when he left Iran in 2018. 

Iran’s production of aluminium powder for use in missiles, which hasn’t previously been reported, was developed amid international sanctions designed to block the country’s efforts to acquire advanced weapons technology. The United States and allies view Iran’s missile capabilities as a threat to the region and the world,” the report added.  

According to the documents related to the aluminium powder programme reviewed by Reuters, the Jajarm facility is run by Iran Alumina Company. IAC is a subsidiary of state-owned mines and metal holding company Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organisation (IMIDRO). IAC and IMIDRO did not reply to requests for comment. IAC’s website says the company operates a bauxite mine and an aluminium production facility at a complex located about 10 kilometers to the northeast of Jajarm. Bauxite is processed into alumina, which is used to produce aluminium metal. Aluminium powder is made from the metal,” read the report.  

The Iranian regime is engulfed with crises, so it desperately needs to increase its missile capability to prolong its life. The mullahs’ regime is now experiencing an unprecedented international isolation due to its warmongering policies and nuclear ambitions. On the other hand, the November 2019 Iran protests, with people overwhelmingly demanding regime change, and the subsequent boycott of the regime’s sham parliamentary elections by nearly the entire Iranian society, have proven that the people’s conflict with this regime has become irreversible. The Iranian society is restive. The COVID-19 pandemic and the rising death toll, due to the regime’s inaction, along with rising poverty and inflation has turned the Iranian society into a powder keg.   

Therefore, the regime is using the current international political situation, particularly the coronavirus pandemic to pursue its illicit activities.  

The international community should immediately adopt a much firmer policy to halt the regime’s threats. The number one state sponsor of terrorism armed with advanced missiles and/or a nuclear bomb is a global threat and should be properly dealt with. The United Nations Security Council should extend the regime’s arms embargo immediately. In addition, the international community should support the Iranian people’s desire for regime change and recognize their right to resistance and overthrow this regime