Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Iranian Mullah: Presence of unveiled woman in the street is presence of enemy’s infantry


NCRI – According to state-run Fars news agency on October 6, the reactionary mullah Alam al-Hoda, Friday prayer leader in Mashhad (northeast Iran) in a meeting with commanders of the police and security forces called for more repression against women and girls and said: “The presence of an unveiled or improper veiled woman on the streets should be viewed in your eyes as enemy’s infantry and as the subject of your (suppressive) operations. You cannot be negligent in dealing with this issue otherwise we will be defeated.

He pointed out that dealing with the issue of unveiling and improper veiling requires an intense operational (repressive) approach and said: “In dealing with those who wear Support Leggings in public (on the streets) as a symbol and pattern to target veiling, logic and reasoning do not work (is not the answer) but requires a strong operational flow to stand against it and that flow is the Police Force.”

“In the areas of internal security issues and the fight against domestic corruption, mechanical and technical flow is not responsive and requires human operational force and we should be present on the scene,” he added.

Acknowledging failure of the regime’s suppressive plans in cyberspace, Mashhad’s Friday prayer leader continued: “Unfortunately, in the cyberspace and filtering we have not reached anywhere from the beginning until today and things are getting worse despite our emphasis.”

Meanwhile, during a meeting with the head of the space agency, the reactionary mullah Makaram Shirazi expressed his fear of the social networks particularly Telegram and demanded preventing its activity. He said: “On social networks, especially Telegram, blasphemy has taken a height and I call on relevant organs to stop these activities.”