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Protest gathering in Iranian Kurdish region, to dissent the apprehensions of demonstrators

NCRI – The clerical regime’s security forces arrested five protesters and organizers of the rally in Marivan (Kurdistan, western Iran) on Thursday October 6. The names of the arrestees are Siran Khornika, Artin Hassan Zadeh, Bahreh Arefi, Parvin Rezaei, and Adel Rashidi.

The protestors demanded the release of the arrestees and threatened that if they are not released on Friday, they will continue their protests.

On Friday, as was announced, people again gathered to protest the arrests of demonstrators in Bisaran square and declared, they will stay there till all the detainees are freed.

Thursday’s public protest rally in Marivan was held in Bisarani square to protest the poor condition of the roads and traffic and crossing of fuel tankers on the city’s roads.

Demonstrators protested against neglect and lack of attention by the state officials to the road conditions in Sanandaj and Marivan as well as high number of road accidents each year caused by the traffic of fuel tankers crossing this area that resulted in the death of hundreds of people.

It is worth mentioning that the regime’s Governor in Marivan appeared at the rally, but following protestors slogans such as “shame, shame Governor” and “Governor resign, resign” he was forced to leave the place.

The public protest in Marivan took place after four people died following a fuel tanker overturn at around 10 p.m. on Tuesday September 27 causing six other cars crash into the tanker or each other.  

Marivan’s Governor, Mohammad Falahi, while calling for the cancellation of the protest on October 6 said: “No permission has been issued for any gatherings and demonstrations in the city of Marivan. We will deal severely with any illegal gatherings and demonstrations held without official authorization.