Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Iran: Army Air Force staff hold a protest rally in Dezful

NCRI – A group of Army Air Force staff in Dezful, Khuzestan (Southern Iran), held a rally on Monday October 3 to protest against the ‘Corruption in the Army’s Housing Co-operative’.

The participants in the rally, who were the personnel of Dezful’s Fourth Air Base, expressed their protest against the regime’s predatory brokers in the cooperative by chanting slogans like “co-operative! Give us our money back!” Theywere also carrying a banner which read “where is our money?”

The Army’s Housing Co-operative protesters say that the co-operative have violated their obligations, having taken from each applicant an amount of 35 million Tomans to give them home, but after three years they neither deliver the applicants their promised land nor give them their money back.

one of the protesters says: “the Army’s ‘Parvaz’ Housing Co-operative has taken the applicants’ money three years ago provided that they participate in the housing, but now there’s no land and no co-operative, either.” The victims have been engaged in this embezzlement for the past two years. They had also corresponded with Khuzestan’s local officials in the past, demanding that their protests be addressed.