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The Defeat of a Policy

A new balance between the Iranian regime and the international community, particularly Europe, formed following the was unjustly included in the Europan &American blacklists. ‘s Regime Fears the Organized Opposition /
Given the fragile state of society in Iran, the days of the ruling mullahs are numbered, argues Iranian dissident Hassan Mahmoudi in an op-ed for Tsarizm. This reality forces the barbaric regime…

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) May 17, 2019

What path will the regime choose after the failure of this policy? What are its next steps?

The regime has demonstrated, due to its weakness, that it is unable to make a strategic decision on the dilemma of surrender or continuing its old path, because this is a choice between death or suicide out of fear of death. Therefore, it will persist along the path it has so far followed, which is taking contradictory political positions, yet practically continuing its terrorist and malign activities in the region and maybe aim for bigger targets, even though these actions won’t resolve its numerous crises. As General Jack Keane, former Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army said, the U.S. will be under pressure to show a military response, particularly as the coalition against the regime enlarges day by day. This is a situation that Rouhani described in his speech as “being on the edge of downfall.” The Iranian theocracy is indeed every day closer to the abyss that will engulf it.